Jan. 9th, 2017

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...For classes to be starting up. =P

Both my KCTCS classes have been opened, and material posted. I'm not sure if classes have 'officially' started yet, but I can start poking around. Neither of my MSU classes are up yet, though. Not sure if MSU starts later, or if my professors are just slower than the folks at KCTCS. Either way, I'll keep checking.

And I've already hit a snag. Or, a potential one. My database design class says we need 2013 or newer Access and Visio. Access I expected, and I have access (ha!) to it. KCTCS gives their students free use of Office 365, so I can use that. According to Google, Visio is also part of the MS Office suite, but the KCTCS freebie doesn't include it. And I asked Dad about his copy of Office, but apparently it's from 2007. I thought he had 2013, so I was hoping maybe his copy would have Visio. But if it's that old, it doesn't matter if it does or not.

So, I'm not sure what to do. I don't have several hundred dollars to drop on a piece of software that I will never use again after this class is over. So, I really need a free (or very cheap) copy. The course syllabus says that CIT majors might can get it free from somewhere, but I'm not a CIT major. (Sadly.) So, I don't know. I guess I'll email my professor in a little bit, and see what they say. According to the course outline, we won't be needing Visio until March, so I've got some time.

Still, this bugs me. It's one thing to require basic Office programs, which most people either have or have access to. But I'd bet that most people who own Office don't have Visio installed. So I really, really hope they have some way for us to get it cheaply, or free. College is expensive enough without making us spend large sums on software that we'll never use again. >_>

Oh! And I almost forgot. I am already unkindly disposed toward my database design prof. The syllabus says that not only are exams timed (which is normal), but they will have a short time limit. "To be sure you prepared". Screw you, prof. Seriously. Lots of people have test anxiety, which can make it take longer to finish a test. Even if I study my eyes out, and know the material, I get nervous, and I try to go over everything carefully. Now, not only will I be worried about the test, I'll be worried about if I'll have enough time to finish it! Freaking jackass. Why would you intentionally make things harder, when there's no reason to? Jerk.


Jan. 9th, 2017 09:23 pm
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Well, I finally got my car back from the mechanics today!

And good lord, it sure took them long enough, huh? Looking back at my old entries, it went into the shop around 11/19. Today is 1/9. That's roughly seven weeks. Almost two whole freaking months. Although, to be fair, most of the blame lies on my dippy insurance company. They took damn near a month to even approve the claim. And they never said why. Mom and Dad thought that maybe they were debating whether to total my car; maybe the damage was near the worth of the car. Or maybe it just fell through the cracks, and got neglected. We don't know. (My bet is someone messed up. If they'd had a valid reason, surely someone would have said something.) But it took them way too long to do it, either way. And then, there was the repair time, which I knew would take a while.

But! As annoyed as I am that it took this long, I'm just happy to have my car back. <3 Now it'll just take a few days to readjust. XD I'd actually gotten used to the rental, so now I have to get used to my car again. That shouldn't be hard, though.
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