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Kat ([personal profile] wildvision) wrote2017-01-24 10:16 pm
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Econ Win?

Okay, so I've complained a bit about my Econ professor. And he still has policies that I'm not happy with. But, I'm doing the reading for a quiz I have to take, and suddenly I'm thinking better of him. He posted some PowerPoint slides, and they're talking not just about globalization, but putting it in very modern terms. Which is nice, anyway, as it makes it easier to understand and apply it to real life.

But what's making me happy is this...it sure sounds like my prof is anti-Trump. I don't know if he wrote these slides or found them somewhere, but either way, he's using them, so I doubt he disagrees with the content. At any rate, he's nailing him for how his administration will likely screw up not just our economy, but possibly others, as well. And why basically everything he said about global trade during the election was a big fat lie. =D Now, this is nice, anyway, but my last two Econ books have read like the author had some pretty obvious Republican leanings. That was annoying. So, it's nice to see a different Econ teacher taking a different track.

And I can't help but wonder how this class is going over, with the other students. There are a lot of ignorant, redneck Trump voters in the midwest. I'd imagine there are some in at least one iteration of this class. Part of me's feeling a little schadenfreude, because they're getting schooled. But then, I can't help but think...they're probably too stupid to understand or accept it. =/ A common trait of these bozos is that their fingers are firmly planted in their ears as they chant 'La la la!' to anyone offering them facts that contradict their 'beliefs'. And, too, you would hope that most of the college educated types wouldn't believe him anyway. But, you would hope that he wouldn't have gotten elected in the first place, so at this point...anything can happen. =P

...I don't know. This post is a little random and pointless, but for once, I didn't have trouble slogging through my assigned reading, and it made me smile. So, here I am.