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Kat ([personal profile] wildvision) wrote2017-02-12 06:14 am
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Thank God...

I'm just about to melt into a little puddle of happiness, here.

See, earlier this week, I took my first exam in my Intro to Operations Management class. It was hard, and stressful. (It had math, what do you expect?) Anyway, some of the questions were short answer/fill in the blank. So, the computer couldn't give me a grade once I'd finished it. The professor posted to Canvas earlier and said he'd grade the tests once the deadline had passed, and that he'd let us know when the grades were available. Okay, fine.

So, he sends out a message a day or two ago, saying that the grades were up. And that the average score was 70-something. O_O Yeah. So, I was understandably kind of wigged out. I mean, sure, I might have done better, but good lord. If the class average is a freaking C, then that really doesn't bode well, you know? And I really wasn't confident at all about the math portion of this test, what was a big part of what the short answer questions were. So, I didn't think I'd get a very good grade.

Well, I plucked up my courage and checked my score just now. I told myself that I may as well look at it, and that I shouldn't be shocked if it was bad, since it seems like most of us did badly on this one.

I got a 97. =D

I genuinely can't believe it. I swear, I almost feel a little physically weak, that's how relieved I am. I kinda want to cry, I'm so happy.

Even telling myself that I should expect a bad score, since the class average was so low...I was upset about it, still. I'm just so grateful that I did better than I'd thought. I mean...when I was taking the test, I thought I did okay on the non-math parts. I was worried about the math, but I'd hoped that I did decently enough on the rest to rescue my grade, if I tanked the math part. But then I saw that message, saying the average score was 70-something...and I was sure I'd done a lot worse on the non-math part than I'd thought. (Plus I'd probably done badly on the math, too.)

...There's really no point to this post, I guess. I'm just so relieved that I got a good score here.