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Kat ([personal profile] wildvision) wrote2017-03-03 10:32 pm

In Which I Squee *and* Whine

Ugh, I swear...I feel like I haven't been on the computer (for fun) in ages...

I've been busy with school, of course. Had some tests that I had to take with that creepy lockdown browser, so I had to do that after work. I also got back into my Raspberry Pi again, and I've been playing a little Final Fantasy VI. <3 I think I'm almost half-way through it? I'm at the point right before it switches to the World of Ruin, whatever that is. The walkthrough I'm following has me running around doing things, because apparently, this is the last chance for a lot of stuff. So, once I finish doing miscellaneous tasks, I'll head into that next dungeon, and things should get interesting. =D

I don't know if I ever talked about my Raspberry Pi before. I know I meant to write a post on it, back when I got it, but I think I ended up forgetting. ^^;; Well, basically, a Raspberry Pi is a teeny, tiny computer. The thing seriously fits in the palm of my hand. And you can run all sorts of stuff on it, really, but my family uses them for video game emulators.

It all started with Dad. I'm not sure how he found out about the Raspberry Pi...probably from an internet video or article or something. But, anyway. He found out about it, and was really interested. So, he ordered the kit and got it built. He'd told me a little about it before, but the thing I remember most is this. One Saturday, before Mom and I left to go shopping, I went into the kitchen and found him sitting at the table, playing MarioKart64 on a spare TV he'd brought from somewhere. He'd hooked this little bitty Raspberry Pi into it, and it was running just like you'd run a console. Needless to say, I totally geeked out. I thought it was so neat, and the N64 was a generation that I played a lot on. (Though I think Rich and I played more Diddy Kong Racing than MarioKart.) He showed me some other games he had loaded and told me about it, how you could get just about any of the older games on it, and all that jazz.

Well, I loved it. And apparently he could tell, because he ended up giving me that first unit, and he ordered another one for himself. XD (He actually ended up giving that second one to Rich, who was also interested, before finally getting to keep the third unit for himself. LOL) We went through the lists of emulators that he'd found, and I picked out a ton of old games. Some stuff that I used to play, like StarFox64 and Super Mario Bros., and some stuff that I'd never tried before, like the earlier Final Fantasy titles. My first Final Fantasy was VII, on the PS1. So, anything that came out before that is totally new to me. The internet tended to rate FFVI as one of the best in the series, so I decided to start with that one. And I'm having a lot of fun, so far. <3

Oh, and I got sick. Again. =/ Earlier this week, my tonsils swelled up and I got all congested. Not fun. Honestly, I'm almost more offended than anything. I just was sick, maybe a month ago? If that? And now, here I am again. Luckily, it's not the same thing, because what I had last time was pretty rough. This isn't as bad as that. It still sucks, though.

So, between being too tired or sick to do more than watch TV, and playing some FFVI, I really haven't gotten on the computer just for fun in a couple of weeks, probably. Although, hell...I haven't read anything in even longer. =( I seriously need to get a better handle on my time management skills. I have work and homework to do, obviously, but sometimes I drag my feet too much on the homework. I get distracted, or whatever, and I end up wasting a lot of time. And it's not even fun time wasting, like taking a break to read or something. No, it's just surfing Facebook and playing stupid games on my phone. Part of the problem is this stupid project that I have to do for my Econ class. I know I need to start on it, because I have no idea how long it'll take to get it done. But it's just a daunting task to start a big paper like that. So, I sit down and intend to work on it...and I end up wasting my time on stupid stuff, instead. And then, if I have free time after work, I'm often too tired to feel like doing anything fun. Hence my being a slug in front of the TV.

Meh. I'm just feeling a little sorry for myself, I guess. It's stupid, but whatever. I just want to read. Or watch some anime. (I just picked up the two Sailor Moon Crystal sets that are out, plus I've still got stuff from Christmas that I haven't had time to watch.) I want to make graphics or read fanfic, or surf the internet for neat stuff 'til the wee hours of the morning. I want my hobbies, damn it. And lately, I just haven't had enough time or energy. I watch TV, which is nice, but it's more a way to lay around and rest, rather than that I'm super excited about what I'm watching. I want to do something because it's fun. I am having fun playing FFVI, but I'm not really playing that much. And I'm running around doing miscellaneous stuff right now, not even advancing the story.

...Geez, this post turned out really whiny, didn't it? Oops. >_>