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Kat ([personal profile] wildvision) wrote2017-03-22 07:32 pm
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"Frazzled" Should Be A Mood Setting

It really should, because that's probably the best word to describe how I'm feeling right now.

Ugh. I am so ready for this semester to be over already. I am having a hard time with this Operations Management class. There's so much math, and the textbook is shitty (it leaves out steps to solving problems!) and my prof is lazy as hell. He won't answer questions; he just totally ignores what you say and tells you to read the damn book. Grr.

So, I'm pretty stressed about that. I've got an assignment list for this class, and I'm looking at it now, half tempted to try to work ahead and maybe finish the homework before the semester's over. On the one hand, I've done this before, and it usually doesn't work out. If I go without working on the material for weeks, by the time the test rolls around, I've forgotten things. But, given how much time it's taken me to get some of this homework done, between struggling through on my own and trying to wring an answer out of my jackass prof...it seems prudent to start early, to give myself as much time as possible to complete the assignments. That way, if I have to go back and forth with Dr. Dumbass for a week or more, I can still have time to get the assignment done.

I'm just not sure. On the one hand, if I don't work ahead in any class, I've got a little bit of free time. And I want that free time. I want to be able to sit around and read, or watch anime, or work on graphics, or something fun! But I'm just so worried about these stupid classes. I kind of feel like I should try to do as much as possible, and get it out of the way. So it's not hanging over my head, you know? Besides Operations Management, which I just mentioned, I've got three other classes.

Econ, I can't work ahead in, since the prof never gave us an assignment list, really. Well, he listed some assignments, but didn't give us any due dates. Oh, one bit of good news. I finished writing that stupid paper, the big class project for Econ. Granted, this is a first draft. I'll need to look it over, and see if anything needs fixing. (And I'm sure it will.) Still, at least the bulk of the work is done. I'm glad to have it mostly done, but I'm still worried. Having never written a paper for this prof before, I don't really know what he's expecting. I hope this paper is good enough, but I'm just not confident about that. I need to get a good grade on it, since it's worth a good chunk of our grade. Ugh. And with something like this, there's not much I can do to ensure that. Just try to write it so I think it sounds good, and then hope that's what the prof wants. And worry like crazy until he posts the grades. =P

I'm not as worried about my two CIS courses. The web design class doesn't post the homework more than a week at a time, so I can't work ahead there, even if I wanted to. My database design class does give us some homework early, so I could probably work ahead if I wanted. But I'm more concerned with Operations Management, so really, if I work ahead in anything, it'll be that.

So, I'm not sure what I want to do. I want to take some time and rest, do something fun. But I also want to be sure I can get this stupid homework done on time. Plus, having it all done, knowing that it wasn't hanging over my head...that would be nice. I know I'm kind of repeating myself, but sometimes I think out loud...or in writing, as the case may be. As I'm writing this, I'm kind of working through this, trying to come to a decision. So, I ramble a bit.

Now, I'm kind of thinking that maybe I will try to work ahead in Operations Management. I plan to re-read those chapters before the final, anyway. So, maybe I don't have to worry so much about forgetting the material, if there's a gap between the homework and test. Hmm. Yeah...maybe I'll do that...