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Long, Rambly Update

I haven't posted in a little while, so here's a bit of an update.

I turned in my course project paper for Economics and my final website project for my HTML class. I actually got perfect scores on both, so that's a huge relief. It's one of those things where I thought I did okay, but I wasn't sure enough of what the professor was looking for, so I was worried about how I'd do. But, it turned out okay. So, I'm really glad about that.

The semester is almost over, which is nice. I'm running around, trying to finish the last of the homework. I've got four more assignments in Economics. (And the first one is a bunch of math and graphing, ugh.) They're not due for a bit, but I want to get them done sooner than later, if I can. I don't know when my prof will post our final; he gave due dates for it, but I hope to get it done well before that.

All I have left in my HTML class and my Operation Mgmt. class are the finals. I have one stupid discussion board thing for my Database Design class. It's annoying mostly because she's requiring us to comment on every single one of our classmates' posts, plus respond to a set number of comments. So, I can't actually do it until everyone else does. Like, just now, I went and looked at it? Only one person has posted their initial post. =/ So, I can write up mine, and comment on that guy's post, but then I'll have to keep coming back and checking to see when everyone else has posted. And, if previous classes are anything to go by, a lot of people will wait until the very last minute to post anything at all. So, I'm worried if I'll have time to get everything done.

And my anxiety has been kicking up a lot lately, which sucks. It makes everything else harder. I keep trying to distract myself, but I don't really have a lot of time to do fun things, so it's not working as well as I'd like. (Plus, when I do take time to read, or whatever, I feel bad, because I feel like I should be doing homework, instead. Bleh.)

Well, I have been doing a little work on a for-me project. I've started trying to clean up the coding of my fic rec site. Ever since I upgraded to Windows 10, I've been having trouble replacing some of my old programs. That includes my WYSIWYG web editor. I've tried a couple of others, but neither seems to really work right. And, since I've been taking this HTML class, I've gotten a little comfortable using Notepad++ to do the HTML coding directly. So, I was thinking that I might just have to do it that way. Problem is, the coding of my site is a complete mess. I've always heard that WYSIWYG editors wrote shitty code, and well...it's true. So many repetitive tags, and completely wonky spacing...yikes.

I needed to tweak the layout a little, anyway, so I coded it up from scratch, trying to make it neater. I'm going to use CSS, rather than putting all that info into each page. Also, I found a neat little Javascript trick that'll let me put my navigation links on a separate page and just include that in the individual pages. That way, when I need to make changes to the navigation, I can just change one page, and it'll show up everywhere, rather than having to change each individual page. That'll be really handy. So I'm kind of excited about fixing this stuff up. There's something oddly satisfying about having a screen full of neatly organized, well-spaced coding. (And yes, I am a total nerd, I know.)

The only problems are the sheer number of pages I have to redo, and how ridiculously messy the original coding is. =P It'd take a long time to finish, just from having so many pages. But with the coding being so messy, it's taking forever to go in and clean up the code for just one page. And, as you'd imagine, it's repetitive and tiring, and I get sick of it after a while. So, who knows how long it'll take me to get this done. Probably quite a while. And honestly, it's a little funny...for all this work I'm doing, not a lot will change on the outside. I'm widening the layout, and centering it, so it'll look better. But all the rest is behind-the-scenes stuff. It'll make it easier for me to edit and write new pages in the future, if the coding is all neat and pretty. But no one else will notice the change. Ah, well.

And hell...this is only one site. I don't know if I'll bother with the others, later, or not. This is the only one that I coded the original layout, so it's the simplest and easiest to tweak. The others, I downloaded pre-made layouts, from people much more talented than myself. I guess I could take that base layout and alter the coding from there, rather than trying to edit the files that my WYSIWYG editor has chewed up. I dunno. My rec site is probably the one I update the most with new content, so I want to fix it first. Once I'm done with it, maybe I'll tackle one of the others. We'll see.

And what is up with this new TOS at LJ? I am not comfortable with this. I don't know that it will really affect me any, but still, it's skeevy. >_> I had to click 'accept' in order to get back into my account, so I did. I've seen a lot of people jumping ship over this. I don't know that I'll do that, but I am considering not paying for the service anymore. (All I pay for is icons, but still.) And if I stop paying here, maybe I'll start paying for my Dreamwidth. I've just got a basic free account over there currently, but maybe I'll switch to a paid account, and get that journal spiffed up a bit. I'm also on InsaneJournal, but I think Dreamwidth might be more active. (Although, really, neither is anywhere near as busy as LJ was in its heyday. Sigh.)

...Jeez, this post got long!
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[personal profile] amethyst_hunter 2017-04-26 06:18 am (UTC)(link)
A LOT of people are jumping the LJ ship, even long-timers who were around since it began 18 years ago (yowza!). It's that bad. :(

I don't plan on posting over there anymore unless I have to; I'm leaving my account up because I'm stubborn like that. Not that I post much here either - I'm over on Farcebollocks these days since that's where everybody I know seems to be - but this is my backup space so I guess I'll be using this from now on. (And you're welcome to visit me on FB if you'd like!)