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Kat ([personal profile] wildvision) wrote2017-05-05 06:05 pm
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All Done Except the Waiting...

Well, I took my Econ final last night. That was my last bit of schoolwork, so now it's just down to the waiting. It's weird...on the one hand, yeah, there's some relief at not having to do anything else. (My brain is seriously ready for a vacation!) But on the other hand...it's not like I can stop worrying or stressing. I have no idea how I did on either my Operations Mgmt. final or my Econ final, so I really have no idea what kind of grade I'll be getting in either class. And that's really kind of frustrating.

I hadn't really thought of it before, but this might be the first time this has happened. Typically, most of my other classes have just had multiple choice tests, which the computer could grade as soon as you were done taking it. So, I'd take the test, then get my grade, then go plug that into my other grades, and I'd be able to figure out my grade for the semester. Even if it took the prof a few days to actually post the final grades, there wasn't really any more stress after the test was over. But not this time. I don't know what score I got on my finals, and thus I really can't even guess what grade I'll have in the course overall. Plus, my Econ prof has a really complicated grading thing, with bonus points, must-do assignments, assignments that'll drop, weights, and all that crap. So, I really can't figure what I'll get in that one. And it's kind of driving me crazy. Because it's already been a week since the deadline for my Operations Mgmt. class final, and the professor still hasn't posted our grades. =/ And since the deadline for my Econ final isn't until Tuesday, it's going to be that much longer until I see a grade for that class, too. Argh.

And I had to fill out my course evaluations for both of those classes by the end of the day today, which kinda bugs me. I'd really prefer to wait until I get my grade, especially if I'm going to give a bad review. (Which I did. One bad, and one 'not bad, could be better'.) They say those things are anonymous, but I don't really trust it. But I waited as long as I could, so there's nothing I can do about it.

On the upside, my Database Design prof posted our final grades, so I ordered my transcript to be sent to MSU. Hopefully it won't take too long, so I can hurry up and get registered for my fall classes.

...And then, I can stop thinking about school for a while. XD