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Kat ([personal profile] wildvision) wrote2017-05-08 06:10 pm
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The Good and the Bad

The Good

My Operations Mgmt. prof finally posted the grades for our finals. I actually got an A, which surprised me. (It was a low A, a 92 I think, but still, that's better than I expected!) Not sure if that's curved or not, but I'm kind of thrilled right now. I'm not sure if the percentage showing in Canvas is our actual grade or not, but if it is, then I have an A. I'm not sure where to look in MyGate for our letter grades, so I don't know if that's all final or what. But I don't remember this prof having a weird grading scheme (like my Econ prof did), so I hope it's accurate. No word yet for Econ, but the deadline isn't until Tuesday, so I don't expect grades sooner than that. And honestly, not even that soon. Hopefully it won't be real long afterward, but we'll see.

I also got an email notification saying that the transcript I ordered had been sent to MSU, so yay.

The Bad

...Or not. Because when I went to register for classes, I ran into problems. Oh, it did let me register; I was able to get into both of my required classes. But a lot of the electives I was considering were already full, or some were just not offered this term, or were only offered as in-person classes. And then a few more gave me various different errors when I tried to register. >_> So, I emailed my adviser and told her which ones I'd gotten errors on, and asked her if she could help me out. I need to get into the internship class, and one more elective. I think I got errors on two or three electives, so any one of those would be okay. I did manage to find one elective that I could get into, though it wasn't one I was originally planning to take this soon. But, it was open and didn't give me errors, so I grabbed it. Now I'm just really worried about whether my adviser will be able to get me into those classes that I need. =(

One reason to be glad this is my last semester splitting my time between KCTCS and MSU, I guess. The only reason I'm so late registering is because of those stupid transcripts. After this, I won't have to do this anymore. All my grades will be from MSU, so I won't have to run around transferring things. At least, I hope. The transcript I sent just now *should* have this semester's grades from KCTCS, but with my luck, I'm half afraid they'll tell me I need to do it again next semester. =P Although, even if that happens, I'll be able to do it right away, rather than having to wait for the end of the semester. Still. I'd like to avoid that!

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