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Well, I hope everyone who celebrates it had a good Christmas. <3

I had a nice one. We exchanged gifts on Christmas Eve this time, and we all got some nice things. I got a pretty good haul from RightStuf's annual holiday sale, so I've got lots of new anime to watch. Really looking forward to that. And I got other fun stuff, too. Mom got me a Princess Luna plush, which is super cute, and a neat hairclip that's supposed to give your ponytail some volume. Oh, and a mermaid tail blanket! It's really cute, and it'll be great for keeping my feet warm. And Dad's going to upgrade my desktop for me. I've needed to upgrade for quite a while, so this is a really nice gift. I'm a little worried about changing to a newer OS, but then, I always am. And I'm a little excited, too.

For dinner, Dad smoked a turkey breast again. Ever since he got that smoker, he loves playing with it. And he's good at it, really. The turkey was delicious. And Mom made some good sides to go with it; mac & cheese, potatoes, etc. It was a nice meal.

The only downside was that Rich couldn't come home. He's swamped at work, and he's been on-call for the last couple of weeks or so, so he couldn't leave. I think we're going to try to visit him soon, but I'm not sure when. I know Mom mailed him some of his gifts, so he'd still have something to open on Christmas. But we'll give him the rest when we see him, I guess.

And on a non-holiday-themed note, I ordered my textbooks for the Spring semester yesterday. That was fun. >_> Over $400 for four books. Ugh. I know it could be worse, but still. I think that's the most I've spent on books thus far. And the Spring semester starts something like halfway through January. So, I don't have much break left. Sigh. That's always a bit disappointing. All I can do is try to make the most of the time I have left, I guess!

I think I might want to try watching some of my new anime soon. I won't be able to binge watch a bunch of series like I did this past summer, but I could get one or two in, probably. Depending on how long they are. And that leads to the question, what to watch first? =D


Dec. 10th, 2016 05:29 am
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I am done! =D Took my tests at the beginning of the week, and even had my grades by the end of it. I managed straight As; I'm really happy. I wasn't sure if I'd swing an A in that silly writing class, but I did. Yay~

Also got M trained, which went okay. He's a nice guy, and I'm sure he'll do fine while I'm out. And that said...I am now officially on vacation! <3 I am going to veg, and it will be glorious. =D

Finals Week

Dec. 2nd, 2016 06:44 pm
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Well, the end of the semester is upon us. As always, I'll be glad to be done. I'm ready for a break!

Things are actually slightly less stressful this time around. Out of four classes, only two have finals. My writing class doesn't do tests, so all I have to do there is turn in a final portfolio assignment. It's written, all that's left is to revise it. If I even do; as per usual, the feedback from my classmates wasn't useful. Just several 'good job' type comments. Which, I mean, I hope I did do a good job, but it doesn't tell me anything to change, y'know? So I may just hand it in as-is. Haven't decided yet.

My Econ class just didn't have a final; the last test was the last thing, and it was just a regular unit test. I've already taken it, so I'm done with this one. <3

The two that do have finals, my Finance class and my Business Law class, both don't unlock until Saturday. So, I'll probably take those on Monday. I don't like taking tests on the weekend, if I can help it. I kinda wish I could just do it now, and get it over with. Granted, it's not that much longer, but still. Hell, maybe I wlll take them over the weekend. Just to be done, you know? Eh, we'll see.

Besides taking my finals, I've also got to train M next week. He's the one who's been elected to cover my shifts when I'm out, and I need to show him the ropes. Granted, it's nothing hard, and I'm sure he'll manage just fine. Still, it's always best to have them come in for a couple of nights and go over everything, just to be safe. And it has to be now, because I'm taking my vacation on the following week. Really looking forward to that. <3 It's always nice to have time off.

Let's see, what else...Oh, Christmas shopping. I still need to finish up. I am such a procrastinator. =P Every year, I tell myself I'll start early, but I never seem to manage it. Ugh. I have everything for Rich. I'm almost done for Mom; I still need to order one more thing, and then another thing I ordered isn't here yet. And I haven't even started on Dad yet. ^^;; I do have ideas, I just haven't gotten off my lazy butt to order them yet. I need to do that soon. Plus, I need to make up a list to give to Mom of gift ideas for me. I'll be checking out the annual RightStuf holiday sale for that, probably.
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So this news broke a few days ago, but I'm just now sitting down to write about it. Apparently ITT Tech is shutting down. Like, completely. This is a good post at [community profile] ontd_political about it. I've always heard awful things about for-profit universities. So, I guess this isn't really surprising.

But it's still a little unsettling to me, because I considered going there. Last year, I posted about how I wanted to go back to school, and how I was having trouble finding and picking an online program. ITT Tech was one of the schools I looked at. They looked impressive, and my Dad actually knows a guy who got a degree there, and he's got a good state-level job. So Mom thought they'd be a fine choice.

I just had a bad feeling, I guess. I'd read articles and comments online talking about bad practices and such. But you know how the internet is; reviews tend to skew negative, because people often won't bother to write a post if they're happy. Still. I was worried. And when I went to apply (I was going to apply to several places, then choose based on which places accepted me.), they wouldn't let you do an online application. You had to call and talk to someone. This is from a school that sells itself largely on its online degree programs. >_> I side-eyed that pretty hard. So I decided to skip it. It just didn't feel right.

I'd say I dodged a bullet. Reading about how the current students are kind of floundering, how maybe some of them can get forgiveness for their loans, but most will have to completely start their degrees over...it's just kind of scary. I distinctly remember, back when I was enrolling, wondering if I was being paranoid about the for-profit thing. Some of their technical degrees looked tempting, and I thought a technical school might teach the material better. But I was worried, so I opted for a different degree, from a public university, instead. And it's a damn good thing I did. Clearly, I was not just being paranoid!

...I guess there isn't much point to this post. I'm just a little startled, and feeling lucky, I guess.


Sep. 8th, 2016 08:31 pm
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Why is it that whenever I go to do the reading for any of my classes, I always seem to get so fuzzy-headed? I get bored way too easily, and have trouble concentrating. I swear, I used to be able to do this shit. =P But, apparently my brain has other ideas, now.

For example, today I'm doing the reading for my Business Law class. And all I'm really taking away from this chapter is that 'tort' is a really funny sounding word. Seriously. Tort, tort, tort! XD And that, besides being funny, it sounds like 'tart', which is making me hungry.

...Yeah, my focus isn't that great right now. Can you tell? ^^;;
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Well, we have come to the end of the Business Law textbook drama. =D

My professor posted an announcement to the class today, saying that she and her adviser have decided to just go forward with the course, using the 10th edition of the textbook, rather than the 11th edition that she originally called for. The book I received in error is a 10th edition, so it looks like I won't have to send it back, after all. Which is great. That's one less bit of stress to worry about. I can just keep this book, and get started on the homework.

Speaking of the homework, I get the feeling that this professor is pretty cool. She stated again that we have an assignment due on Monday, but that if anyone was unable to get the correct book on time, they should email her and she would work something out. No one will be penalized due to this confusion, she says. Granted, I have my book so this doesn't apply to me, but still. It just makes me think well of her, that she's been so on top of fixing things, and making sure we knew we wouldn't be punished for something that wasn't our fault. (Such a sharp contrast to my lazy-ass Econ teacher, who can't be bothered to post anything and doesn't even want to answer our questions. =P)

So, I'm happy with how this turned out. =)
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Well, I posted a bit about my classes the other day; being worried about things and such. (You know, the usual. =P) And now, I have a few additional tidbits.

First, my Econ class. I said before that my professor hadn't really posted anything on Blackboard, and that I was worried about that. I speculated that the teacher was either super lazy, or just really clueless about how to run an online class. Well, I think I can now say for sure that he is simply lazy. No more benefit of the doubt for you, sir. =P See, he posted a message to the class today, saying that he'd opened up the discussion board for us....because he wants us to post there if we have any questions, to "give your classmates a chance to help you". Yeah. He wants us to rely on other students answering our questions. I mean...seriously. It is your freaking job to answer questions and teach the material to your students. That's what they pay you for! And you don't seem to want to do either of those things. Not cool, dude.

Oh, and the first question posted on the discussion board? 'Where is the course schedule?' =D So I'm not the only one unhappy about that. I have a small, probably naive hope that if enough of us bitch about it, maybe he'll get off his ass and actually post something. (Probably not, but hope springs eternal.)

And I got a message saying my Finance professor had posted something, so I logged in to Canvas to check it out. I said before that I didn't like that he wouldn't give firm due dates for the quizzes or tests, because it somehow tied in to his in-person class, and how stupid I thought that was. Well, I still think it's stupid, but it looks like he might be going to post recordings of each lecture for us to listen to. The one he posted today really only went over the syllabus, but then, the first day of any class is like that. So, I don't know for sure if he'll post every single lecture, but it kind of looks like he might. Which would help, I guess. I'm still worried about this class, due to the grading scheme, and all. I guess I'll just have to wait and see.

Oh, and I heard back from my Business Law professor. She said to hang on to that book until they got things straightened out with the bookstore. So, I guess it's just a matter of waiting, for now. I assume she'll post another announcement once things are square, and then I can get in touch with the bookstore about switching my wrong book for a copy of the correct one.

...Well, that's it for now. Will I be back again tomorrow? We'll see. ^^;;
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Oh, for heaven's sake. I'm getting really frustrated at the KCTCS bookstore. Okay, so I mentioned before how when I first ordered my textbooks, one of them was backordered, and I worried if I'd get it on time. Then, it ended up shipping later that week, and I received it on Monday. That should have been the end of this little piece of drama.

But, no. See, I get on Blackboard and read the syllabus for that class, and it lists our textbook. But the textbook listed isn't the one I received. =/ It's a different edition. The syllabus says we need the 11th edition; they sent me the 10th edition. So I check the ISBN for the book. The professor mentioned it in an announcement, so I look it up. And sure enough, it's different than the one on my book. But here's the odd thing. When I plug the class info into the bookstore's website, the book it lists as the required text...the same book I ordered...has the ISBN the professor mentioned. So I have no idea how I ended up with a different book. Maybe some clueless employee grabbed the wrong book off the shelf. Maybe they've got it in their computer wrong. I have no idea.

So, I emailed my professor, explaining that I ordered the book the bookstore said was required, but that it didn't match what she listed in her syllabus. And I asked if this book would be okay, or if I needed to return it. She answered me today, saying that yeah, it was the wrong book, and that I'd need a copy of the correct one. (Which is what I expected, but I had a little, naive hope that one edition wouldn't be drastically different from the next.) She also sent out an announcement to the class, saying there was a mix up with the bookstore, and that she and her assistant would get on it. And she said that we didn't have to worry about the homework. The first assignment isn't due until next Monday, and she would push that date back if they couldn't get things straightened out. But she emphasized that we wouldn't be penalized over this book issue. So, that makes me think well of her, right off.

I emailed her back, asking if I should go ahead and talk to the bookstore about returning this, or if I should wait until things get straightened out. I'll wait for her reply, and then go from there, I guess. I just hope the bookstore doesn't give me any grief about returning it. See, the book came wrapped in plastic wrap, and I opened it. (Because silly me, I assumed the book they sent me would be the one I ordered!) Normally the reason for shrink-wrapping books is if there's software, or access codes, enclosed. This book had neither. Still, it was wrapped. If they complain, I'll complain right back, though. They're the ones who messed up, not me. Still, I'd rather not have to deal with that.

Ugh, I am already stressed about starting new classes, and this is not helping...
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Well, things are looking up a bit.

I was upset before because one of my textbooks had been backordered, and I was worried I wouldn't get it by the time classes start on Monday. Well, I got an email this morning saying that it had shipped, with an estimated delivery date of Monday. So I'm relieved; I should have it in time. Really, it's not the shipping I was worried about; I was just afraid it would take a long time for them to get more copies in stock at all. Thankfully, they were prompt about restocking! And it (like my others) is coming from Kentucky, so that usually isn't a long wait for it to come in the mail.

Oh, speaking of my other textbooks, I got them on Wednesday. The one from MSU, too. I guess they just didn't send out an email saying my order had shipped. So I was glad to see those packages. I haven't really looked through them yet; the classes aren't posted on Blackboard or Canvas yet, so I figure I'll just wait a bit.

One more bit of good news. Dad found out that Paul McCartney is playing a concert in St. Louis on Saturday, and he got us tickets! This will be a lot of fun, I'm sure. Dad and I have seen him twice, but Mom never has. We asked Rich, but he's been so worn out from work lately that he didn't feel like going out. So it won't be quite all of us, but nearly. I'd imagine we'll stop somewhere and eat while we're down there, so that'll be nice, too.

The concert is in Busch Stadium; I've never been to a concert in a stadium before. And apparently this is the 50th anniversary of the time the Beatles played in Busch Stadium, back in the day. So that's cool.

Well, it sucks that classes are starting next week, but this is a good way to end summer break! <3

Damn It...

Aug. 8th, 2016 09:12 pm
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Okay, so it's August now. Summer's winding down, back to school soon...bleh. I swear, break isn't even over yet, and I'm already having problems.

So I went online yesterday to order my textbooks. Classes usually start at the end of August or the beginning of September, so I figured the time was right. That's where the first problem happened. I check the schedule, and find out that classes start on the 15th. That's one week from today. =/ I thought I had at least two more weeks, maybe even more. What the fuck, seriously. Not cool.

Now, that's rather annoying in and of itself. But, oh. It gets worse. See, when I checked my email this morning, I got the expected shipping notification from one of the bookstores I ordered from. But the next message in my inbox is also from that bookstore, saying that one of my books is on backorder. Yeah. I'm one week away from the start of classes and I have no idea if I'll be able to get this book any time soon. There was no indication of when they expected to get more copies, or anything like that. And, as far as I know, there's nowhere else I can go to buy it, either.

I guess all I can do is tell my professor, if I don't have my book by the time they start assigning homework. But I have no idea if they'll cut me any slack for it. I mean, they should, since it's not my fault the bookstore ran out. =P But just because something's the decent thing to do, that doesn't mean that people will do it.

And I didn't get a shipping notice from the MSU bookstore, yet. Granted, one day is too soon to really worry, but still. KCTCS shipped my books that fast (the ones they had, anyway), so why not MSU? Hopefully it'll ship tomorrow, but we'll see.

I swear...I'm already anxious about starting classes again, sooner than I'd expected, and then this happens. I'm not sure if I'm more angry or upset. Stupid emotions.
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Seriously...I've been meaning to write up a post for the past two or three weeks, and I'm just now doing it. =P

Well, I made it though finals week. Got my grades, and I managed straight As, which I'm super grateful for. And now, I'm on break until sometime in August or September. So, that's one huge load off my shoulders. I've got my classes scheduled for the fall, but I don't quite know what to expect. Hopefully they won't be as hard and scary as this past semester, but who knows. There's no Accounting or Statistics classes, though, so yay.

I had a week of vacation shortly after that. And man, it was nice. I swear, I'm such a homebody. I never actually make plans for my vacation time; I just pick a week, and do whatever sounds fun. Which usually doesn't involve much other than staying in and relaxing.

This got a little long... )

Last week was pretty normal, and then this week is a long one, due to the holiday on Monday. So, I'm working on Saturday, but I'll get Sunday and Monday off, so it's not too bad.

...There, I think we're up to date, now! XD
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Okay, so I really fucking hate my Econ professor right now.

I've not liked him much to begin with, honestly. He's kind of condescending and just not that personable. But I could deal with that. As long as I don't have to email him for anything, I don't actually have to talk to him.

Then, our last test was pretty messed up. A big chunk of the questions focused on material that was never covered in any of the homework. Yes, technically, it was in the book. But these were chapters with a fuckton of info in them, and we only actually covered bits and pieces of it. So, if we needed to know this stuff, he should have fucking taught it to us. I don't know if he writes the tests, or if they come with the book, but either way. No excuse. Either write a test that covers the same material that we did, or, if the test is pre-written, then teach the material that's on the fucking test! Shortly after that test, he announces that he'll be offering a 'bonus quiz' later in the semester. I can only assume that a big portion of the class tanked that test, and he's trying to salvage things. (I was lucky, I got an 85. Not as good as I'd like, but not as bad as I'd feared, either.)

But all of that is background. Why I already didn't much like the guy. Oh, yeah. He did something else.

See, a while back we had a writing assignment. Which is stupid to begin with, but whatever. We had to write a paper. Some time before it was due, he said that we could send him our rough drafts for critique before the assignment was due. So he could tell us what needed fixing, so we could get a better grade. Or so I thought.

Because I sent him my rough draft. And he didn't really tell me anything. He said it sounded good, and then didn't really tell me anything specific that needed fixing. So, I figured it was probably okay. Maybe not perfect, but I'd get a good grade. Wrong. He finally posted the scores today, and I got a fucking 35 out of 50. 35!! If there was that much wrong with it, why the fuck didn't he say so before?! I could have re-written it! Oh, my God, I am so fucking mad right now. I could reach through the computer and kill his asshole, seriously.

I just. I'm so mad I'm almost incoherent right now. There are not words. And I have to take another Econ class next semester! I'm going to see if anyone else teaches it, and if so, I'll take it from anyone but him. Stupid fucking bastard.



Jan. 12th, 2016 09:21 pm
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I swear, this whole fuzzy-headed, can't-concentrate thing that I get at the beginning of a semester really sucks.

It's understandable, and expected, even. But still. I really, really hate it. It's so hard to get going; like a car that doesn't want to start in cold weather. You know that if you push it enough, you'll get going eventually....emphasis on 'eventually'. =P And that's what I'm doing now. Most of my classes are open, so I've started doing the reading for the class with homework due the earliest. And I just. Cannot. Focus. Seriously. I'll read a page or two, then I'll go play on my phone. After a little while, I'll go back and read another page or two. Lather, rinse, repeat.

Honestly...as much as I like having time off with the breaks between semesters...I almost wish there was a way to just have classes that would run straight through. Maybe a week off, that's it. But seriously...I think it would be easier to concentrate if I didn't get nearly a month of time to let my brain atrophy. (And summer break's going to be even worse. Ugh.)

Also? The class I'm starting with is Economics. And there's math in it. Like, graphing, finding slopes of lines and curves...shit that I haven't done since junior high, probably. This is seriously not cool, people. Because, despite what math teachers love to say, you do not use that shit in real life, unless you work in a math-oriented profession. (And I do not.) So, I'm worrying about how hard I'll find the homework. I can safely say I've completely forgotten this crap, and I don't know how easily I'll relearn it.

Oh, and one more thing. I noticed this in a class or two last semester, and I'm seeing it again here. The textbooks will give a term, and then tell you that it doesn't mean what that word normally means. In this context, it means 'some other word'. But they won't use that word, no, they're going to use the first one, which means something different. And it's driving me a little batty. Words have meanings. Use the word that means what you're talking about! Like, in the beginning of my Econ book, they're talking about how resources are 'scarce'. But it doesn't mean 'scarce', as in 'rare, or hard to find'. No, it means 'finite'. But we can't just say 'finite', because that would be too reasonable. =P Or, I remember my Management book from last semester, instead of saying 'department', they'd call it a 'function' or some such bull. Seriously. No, we can't say 'department level such-and-such', no, it's 'function level', which frequently made no bloody sense in the sentence. Or the 'research and development function'. Seriously. It's the fucking R&D department! It just makes things harder than they need to be, because you're reading and you know the actual definition of the word, but you keep having to stop and correct yourself as you read, so you can try to understand what's being said. Fucking stupid is what it is.

...Geez, this post started as whiny and ended up pissy. Oh, and I'm procrastinating, too! Still in the middle of reading my Econ book, and I stop to write this. I really need to quit doing this...
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...Emphasis on dummies.

I swear, though. You would think that the people involved with colleges would be intelligent. Academia, you know? Yeah, not so much.

First off, there was a bit of a kerfluffle with my financial aid. I didn't do anything wrong, yet they were threatening to drop my classes because of it. Grr. Turns out that the folks in the Financial Aid department were out of the office for nearly a month, due to the holidays. Yes, seriously. Because, it's not like they had any work to do during that time, no! Students planning for the upcoming semester couldn't possibly need help during that time! =P So, even though I'd sent in my concurrent enrollment form to show MSU that, with my classes I'm taking at WKCTC, I am in fact a full time student, they were claiming that I wasn't. I tell them about the form, that I'd sent it ages ago, and that I'd done this exact arrangement last semester with no problems. So they go look and say, oh, here's the form! So I'm okay after all. Ugh. So, basically, they scared me for nothing. If not for their idiotic schedule, none of this would have happened. So, I'll probably try to get this stuff in motion even earlier next semester, because God only knows how else they'll manage to fuck it up next time.

And today I had another such instance. This was less scary, more annoying, but still. See, I ordered my textbooks a little while ago. They came in the mail, and all was well. Until today. I get an email, saying that one of my classes was open in Blackboard, so I go and log in to check it out. I read the syllabus, and it mentions an online learning platform, which has a book inside it. I go look at it, and sure enough, there is the full textbook in ebook form, right there. The syllabus says something to the extent that the fee for this was included in the price of the class, and that if a student wished, there was a loose leaf paper copy of the book available for maybe $20. Sounds okay so far, right? Well, not so much when you consider that the school's bookstore told me that this class required a hard copy of the textbook, which I bought. Which was a fully bound, hardcover copy that cost more than $20. Yeah. I emailed the professor, just to be sure, and he said that yeah, the ebook was all that was required. So I'm going to try and return this copy that I bought and get my money back. Thankfully I hadn't taken the shrinkwrap off it yet. (And they had better not give me any crap about returning the damn thing. It's their fault in the first place!)

So, yeah. All this 'fun', before the semester even really starts! Ugh. =P
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Ah, weekends always go by way too fast. *Sigh*

Well, first off, good news on the laptop front. I was able to get a universal charger, so I'll be able to use my laptop again. I'm still thinking I'd like to replace the battery, but Dad says that it would be easier to order that; it's not something that would be easy to find locally. Which is fine. Getting the charger buys me time. =) So I'm really grateful for that.

Some not-so-good news on another shopping front. I need a new bra, so I did a little looking around today. And any ladies out there know what a nightmare that is.

Cut for bra-related rantings )

And, on the school front, I've got a paper to write. Now, this wouldn't be so bad, if my professor hadn't gone out of her way to pick the shittiest topics ever. I swear to God, she couldn't have thought up worse ones if she tried. And of course, we can't pick our own topic; it has to be one off the list. So I'm seriously dreading this. I haven't written an essay in years; it's not a real-world skill. So I'm probably a little rusty anyway. And now I have to do it on a terrible topic. I'm cringing already. =P

...Jeez, it's late. I better be getting to bed. Gotta work tomorrow. (Plus schoolwork to do, bleh.)
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I swear, college is the absolute stupidest fucking thing ever.

Okay, so I've finally gotten things mostly taken care of, for my classes. I just today got my financial aid check, so I just now ordered my books. Not thrilled about it being so late, but I can't do anything about that. And that's not what I'm here to rant about, anyway.

Why am I ranting, you ask? Well it's this. Several of my online classes are now available through Blackboard, so I was poking around them, reading the syllabi, etc. And during the course of doing that, I discovered something. All the ones I looked at require at least one (sometimes more!) proctored exams. That means I have to go to campus.

What the everloving fuck, guys! Seriously!

The ENTIRE POINT of an online program is that I DO NOT have to come to campus! Both campuses are in Kentucky; I live in Illinois! Besides that being something like 4-5 hours away, I work full time! I'll have to miss work (and thus lose pay) to go take these stupid tests. Probably multiple times, since it's doubtful that I'll manage to schedule them all for one day. (Yeah, you have to talk to someone and actually *schedule* it. You can't just show up.)

I just...this just makes me so fucking angry. It's like it's been one thing after another with this BS. I swear to God, if it wasn't practically impossible to get any sort of decent career without a degree, I'd throw my hands up and say to hell with it all. But I don't really have a choice; I have to have a degree. But I just want to scream right about now.

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Not sure if I mean 'a ball of stress' or one of those little things that you squeeze the crap out of. I do feel like I've been getting squeezed lately...

Anyway. So, I posted before about wanting to get my degree online. Well, I've made some inroads on that. I decided on a school, applied, and was accepted. I should have taken a minute to be excited about that; because, of course, it can't be that simple.

This got long... )

So, long story short, I'm just kinda freaking out right now. The start of the fall semester is coming up fast, and I'm seriously worried that I won't be able to get registered and everything in time. I still have to order books, which I can't do until I'm registered, obviously. As far as I know, my financial aid is on track, but I should probably look over that some more, just to be sure. It wouldn't be the first time I thought something was all sewn up, only to later find that it wasn't. =/

It's just...argh. I have the sinking feeling that I'm just going to be a big 'ole ball of stress until classes start. (And hell, likely after that, too. Getting in isn't the only thing I'm worried about. =P)
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Okay, so this is probably one of those things that everyone but me already knew about, but still. I'm pissed off, here.

I said before that I was wanting to go back for an online degree. So I was going to start applying to some of the schools I've been looking at. I started with MSU...got part way through the application, and it asks for payment information. What the hell? Apparently they charge you $40 just to fucking apply. Nevermind if I'll get in or not. $40 to just try. (And that's not even counting the cost to order transcripts and such. That's extra!) That's just fucked up, seriously. =/ So this is going to take longer than I thought; I'd planned on sitting down and filling out a bunch of applications all at once. Now, I'm going to have to do it one at a time. =P Because I don't have an extra $80 or $120 or however much it'd end up being to apply to multiple schools, right now. Grah.

Oh, and ITT Tech? Doesn't even let you do a completely online application. They insist on doing part of it over the phone. Yeah, that's...not cool. I want an entirely online program, in part because I keep odd hours. I'm nearly nocturnal, here. Calling during normal business hours is really inconvenient for me. Maybe I can get Mom to do that part for me...or maybe I'll just skip this one all together. Bleh.

Really not in the mood for this bullshit right now. =P
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This is probably a long shot, but I've got a question for you guys.

Does anyone have any personal experience with online education? I've been considering going back to school online for a while, but it's just a really daunting prospect, y'know? There are so many schools, and I've heard so many bad things about 'online' universities...Just, ugh.

I mean, how do you know which ones are trustworthy? Are any of them? I know that a lot of the ones you see advertised are for-profit schools, which just sounds like a bad idea. (Like with so many things, if they're primarily concerned about their bottom line, I really don't trust them to give a damn about the students.) On the one hand, I keep seeing stories about these types of schools fucking their students over with debt and such. Obviously that's scary, and I want to avoid it! But even beyond that, the question of if the diploma I get from them will be worth anything...like, if I apply for a job and submit my resume, will the employers just take one look at that degree and say 'no way'? If I'm going to go to the trouble and expense of doing this, I want to actually have something worthwhile when I'm done.

The main online school I'm considering is ITT Tech. They've been around for a while, and they offer a good selection of online programs; ones that I'd be interested in. Plus, I think that a 'technical' college would probably teach in a manner that would suit me best. (Less vague theory, more 'here are the steps to do this'.)

It's just...argh. On the one hand, my dad says he knows a guy who got a degree there, and he says they're reputable. But I keep finding all these nasty posts online about them (and most of the others, it seems). The thing is, I know that when you go looking for reviews of anything online, you'll often find more bad than good, because it's the pissed off people who'll go to the trouble of ranting about it on the internet. The ones who are content, not so much. So, I wonder. Plus, a common complaint is about transferring the credits...which I have no intention of doing. I plan to get my BA/BS from one place, and then that's it. I really can't see myself trying for a masters. In a perfect world, maybe. But this ain't it. So...that complaint isn't terribly relevant to me.

I figure that the 'regular' schools (like U of I) that also offer online courses would probably be safe, but the options seem way more limited. And it's kind of frustrating, because if you search for 'online degree programs' and such, it just pulls up page after page of these stupid for-profit schools. Am I going to have to think of every 'real' university I can, and go to their sites to see if they even offer online programs? And even then, you have to weed out the ones who only offer some classes online. I need a place that I can get an entire degree online. I've got some credits from before that might transfer, but still. It'd be the biggest part of the coursework that I'd have to take online. (And OMG, is it like a rule that every university has to have the shittiest websites EVER? Ugh! Impossible to find information, seriously!)

I feel like this is jumbled, so I'll just ask this. Has anyone gotten a degree online? If so, where from? Any experience with online programs, and I'd love to hear about it. Any place that's terrible and I should avoid like the plague? Any place that's good? Any info at all?
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Bleh. That pretty much sums it up.

...Or not. )

I actually came home after class today; I'd expected to go straight to work. But I had time, and I just wanted to be home for a little while. ^^;; And it's about time for me to start looking for food, so I'll be going. Ja ne~!
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