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Remember how I was excited about finding that new Yuugiou movie? Well, they fucked it up.

According to this article, they somehow managed to have the entire first batch of disks be defective. The Japanese language track is there, but the subs are the dialogue for the shitty English dub, rather than an actual translation of the Japanese dialogue. =/

Yeah, seriously. So, of course I pulled out my disk to check, and sure enough. I watched the first couple of minutes and spotted dub names as well as additional lines in the subs. My Japanese was never near fluent, and I'm super rusty now, but I can understand some really basic lines. So I can see a couple of places where the subs are adding stuff that the character didn't actually say.

Fucking hell. Can't this idiotic company do anything right?

So now, I have to write to the people who produced the disks and see if they'll exchange my defective one for one that's right. That article I mentioned gives contact info, so I'll try to do that soon. No idea if they'll actually do an exchange, and if so, how long or difficult the process will be. Ugh.


Oh, you have got to be kidding me. Okay, so I was annoyed that I couldn't watch the disk I bought. So, I went looking for a fansub to tide me over. (Because I'm betting that, even if I can get my disk exchanged, it'll probably take a while.) I found one, spent a while downloading it, then fired it up, and...the subs were in fucking Greek. Or I assume it's Greek, based on how the lettering looks. No mention on the torrent site, nothing in the filename, absolutely nothing to indicate that this wasn't in English. Bloody hell...that was a complete waste of my time and bandwidth. And now, I have to go see if I can find any other copies. And hope that those are actually in English. =/ Kat is not amused, seriously.

Pet Peeve

Jul. 4th, 2017 01:02 am
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So I've been browsing RightStuf's birthday sale, and I've got something I need to gripe about. I've noticed this before, but it's getting on my nerves just now, so here I am.

It really bugs me when anime companies release a box set labeled as a 'Complete Collection' or similar when it actually isn't. For example, I was looking at the box set for The Galaxy Railways. Item listing says 'Complete Collection', so I'm inclined to think that this is, in fact, the entire series. But, no. I'm reading a review of the show, and it mentions several related items, such as a second season and an OVA. So, after a quick trip to Wikipedia, I find that this show does in fact have two seasons, for a total of 52 episodes, plus an OVA. That 'Complete Collection' box set? Has only the first 26 episodes. =/

Argh. If you've released a whole season in a box, then label it as that. 'The Complete First Season', or something. But don't claim it's a 'Complete Collection', when it's missing a big chunk of the series.

I think sometimes they do it because some studios will release the second season of a show with a subtitle, so the companies want to think it's a whole other title. (Think Slayers, each season has an add-on. NEXT, TRY, etc.) The thing is, though? I've seen some companies that still get it right. They'll release a 'Complete Collection' and in the blurb it'll say something like 'contains all episodes of Code Geass and Code Geass R2'. It'll list both seasons by name, but they'll still be bundled into a 'Complete Collection'. This is how they should all do it! Release each season at a time, if you want. But make it clear that the box set contains that particular season. Don't claim to be a complete series set.

It just irritates me, because it means I can't trust the packaging. I have to do extra research before I buy something. If only part of a series was released, then it was abandoned, I'd like to know that before I buy. (I'm looking at you, xxxHolic. Another so-called 'Complete Collection' that was actually only the first season.) It means I have to go and see if I can track down the rest of the series somewhere else. (Torrents, HK disks, Youtube, etc.) Because I probably don't want to start a series if I know I'll never be able to see how it ends. And honestly, having to go to that extra trouble is a bit of a turn-off, anyway.
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Alright, I've had just about enough of this crap.

This got a little long... )

Why do newer OSs have to break old software? It's not fair. And, with that being the case, why the fuck do all the good programs get abandoned or discontinued, so there are no newer version to upgrade to? Argh!
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Surprisingly, I heard back from my professor.

Unsurprisingly, he was completely useless. =/

My last email reiterated my question, and explicitly stated that I found the book and other materials unclear. So what does he respond with? 'Read the textbook'! Argh! I just...there are no words for this kind of stupidity and laziness, seriously. Who hires idiots like this?!
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I swear, lack of reading comprehension is such a huge pet peeve of mine.

You email someone and ask a question (or two), and they respond...and don't even address what you asked. I fucking hate people who do this. Like my bonehead Operations Management prof. This isn't the first time, either. (Or hell, there was the time when I emailed him twice about an assignment, and he just never fucking answered at all!)

I emailed him on Friday asking about our homework. Simple question: how do we find the number of workers we have, so I can do these calculations? I asked him to clarify something else, too. Maybe that was my mistake. Can't bother to actually pay attention to more than one thing, obviously. So he answers me today...completely ignoring my initial question. Just says that to figure production, you need to do x, y, and z...but to do x, you need the number of workers. Which he doesn't tell me how to find. Which was the primary question I asked, in the first place.


So, I emailed him and asked him the same fucking question AGAIN. Now, we'll see if he actually answers me before the assignment is due on Tuesday. >_>


Mar. 10th, 2017 07:27 pm
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I fucking hate my Econ professor.

He gives us an obscene amount of material to read, between the textbook chapters and a ton of supplemental crap that he types up. (In his awkward, weird English!) And then! He gives us homework that doesn't have anything to do with any of that. No, the only time the stuff in this homework assignment is 'covered'? Is in a freaking Youtube video that he linked to, which he didn't even make. (Which may be good, since his accent is so thick, but still.) Seriously. He makes us read all this shit, and then gives homework on stuff that he doesn't even teach us. Fucking hell, this guy needs to be fired, seriously. You can't understand him when he talks, and he clearly doesn't know how to teach.

So, yeah. I'm sitting here, trying to do this homework, but I don't understand it at all. Because it was never taught to me! Where the hell does he get off giving us homework on stuff he never taught?!

...Fuck, this semester can't end fast enough, seriously.

Mad Cow!

Mar. 7th, 2017 07:35 pm
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Ugh, I swear, I have just about had it right now. I'm such an idiot!

So, as I mentioned in my last post, I'm sick. Yes, still. I went to the doctor yesterday and got some meds, but they'll take some time to start working. So, I'm sitting here, feeling crappy, trying to do homework. I was going to try to get started on the big paper for my Econ class. See, I'd done some research a little while ago. Went around and saved a bunch of sources, skimmed through them. So, I should be good to go for starting to write. If I don't have all the sources I need, I should have at least enough to start with.

But no. See, I'm an idiot. Somehow, I managed to delete all the research I'd saved. Yeah. I could have sworn I'd copied it over, but evidently not. And now it's gone. So I have to start all over. And that means I can't start writing until even later. Fuck college, seriously. I'm too sick and tired to feel up to dealing with this shit right now.

I'm a strange mix of pissed off and whiny/clingy right now. =/ On the one hand, I'm really mad that I have to do this work twice. But, it's like...I don't have the energy to actually be mad. I just want to be cuddled and taken care of. Stupid infection.
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I swear, I'm about to start tearing my hair out, here.

Okay, so I said before that I'm looking for a new laptop. Well, apparently most of the laptop manufacturers suck, because I can't seem to find a single device that has everything that I want. I keep finding devices that look good, and I get excited, thinking maybe I've finally found it...but no, it's missing one thing that I need. And not always the same thing! But always something. I want to scream.

This got long... )

...And I could probably go on, but I should really stop now. I'm just really frustrated right now. =/
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...For classes to be starting up. =P

Both my KCTCS classes have been opened, and material posted. I'm not sure if classes have 'officially' started yet, but I can start poking around. Neither of my MSU classes are up yet, though. Not sure if MSU starts later, or if my professors are just slower than the folks at KCTCS. Either way, I'll keep checking.

And I've already hit a snag. Or, a potential one. My database design class says we need 2013 or newer Access and Visio. Access I expected, and I have access (ha!) to it. KCTCS gives their students free use of Office 365, so I can use that. According to Google, Visio is also part of the MS Office suite, but the KCTCS freebie doesn't include it. And I asked Dad about his copy of Office, but apparently it's from 2007. I thought he had 2013, so I was hoping maybe his copy would have Visio. But if it's that old, it doesn't matter if it does or not.

So, I'm not sure what to do. I don't have several hundred dollars to drop on a piece of software that I will never use again after this class is over. So, I really need a free (or very cheap) copy. The course syllabus says that CIT majors might can get it free from somewhere, but I'm not a CIT major. (Sadly.) So, I don't know. I guess I'll email my professor in a little bit, and see what they say. According to the course outline, we won't be needing Visio until March, so I've got some time.

Still, this bugs me. It's one thing to require basic Office programs, which most people either have or have access to. But I'd bet that most people who own Office don't have Visio installed. So I really, really hope they have some way for us to get it cheaply, or free. College is expensive enough without making us spend large sums on software that we'll never use again. >_>

Oh! And I almost forgot. I am already unkindly disposed toward my database design prof. The syllabus says that not only are exams timed (which is normal), but they will have a short time limit. "To be sure you prepared". Screw you, prof. Seriously. Lots of people have test anxiety, which can make it take longer to finish a test. Even if I study my eyes out, and know the material, I get nervous, and I try to go over everything carefully. Now, not only will I be worried about the test, I'll be worried about if I'll have enough time to finish it! Freaking jackass. Why would you intentionally make things harder, when there's no reason to? Jerk.
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Take a look at that timestamp. A little after 5:00AM. Guess where I am! >_>

Second verse, same as the first! It's just the same as the last two times. When I tested it toward the end of my shift, I found that the information for Saturday wasn't in the handheld. So, I start calling people. First I call E, my boss. No answer, so I leave a message. Then I try CJ. No answer, left a message. Next, CL. No answer, left a message. Same with M. I tried them all again. Nothing. I try calling J; I didn't think he could fix this, but I had to try. He actually answered on the first call, bless him. But I was right; he didn't know how to fix it.

So I keep cycling through E, CJ, CL, and M. M answers after a while, but he didn't know how to fix it, either. So I keep calling the other three. Again. And again. And again. This goes on for an hour or so. I even try calling N, who's my boss's boss. No answer. I keep trying everyone. I text N, telling him what's up, since I couldn't get his voicemail when I called.

A little while later, N calls me. He got my text is on the way in. Huzzah.

So, N comes in and we try to figure out what's going on. But neither of us can really pinpoint anything. So, he suggests that I run through my processes again. Okay, fine by me. So I rerun everything. Once it's done, we check the handhelds and thankfully, the data seems to be showing up now. Hurray.

This particular problem happens from time to time, so I'm a little used to it. But honestly, I'm getting really pissed about the fact that almost no one in my freaking department will answer their bloody phones after hours. I mean, I get it. It sucks to get a call in the middle of the night, when you're trying to sleep. It's not fun. But, fuck. You're supposed to be on-call, in the event of technical problems like this. That means it's your freaking job to keep your phone where you can hear it, and to actually get up if it rings! Ugh.

I emailed my boss, telling him what happened. And I asked him for permission to try some fixes myself, in the event that I can't reach anyone the next time this happens. (Such as rerunning my processes, like we did tonight.) Because I can't just leave it, if I can't get ahold of someone. It has to get fixed. So, if no one will answer their freaking phones, then I need to have at least one option to try and fix it myself. We'll see what he says.

...And my last thing just finished up, so I am out of here. I think I'll stop for breakfast on the way home~
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Dude, if life could stop kicking me in the ass, that'd be awesome. >_>

Okay, so yesterday pretty much sucked. First off, it's a long work week due to Thanksgiving being next week. I have to work through Saturday, which is always a bit of a drag. This is made worse by the fact that I've been half sick all week. Not properly sick or anything...just that weird, nebulous kind of sick where you feel like crap, but you can't quite put your finger on why. Less specific symptoms, more general crappy feelings. Bleh. So, that sucks. I felt worse yesterday than I had all week, so I just kind of huddled in my chair at work and waited for my shift to end. Got through my paperwork and such, but it was hard.

Yeah, it gets worse )

...So, yeah. Yesterday was not fun. =P


Jul. 8th, 2016 04:37 pm
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Are you freaking kidding me here?! Ugh!

Okay, so I posted yesterday about the kerfluffle with my blood pressure meds. Well, today I went to my (new) pharmacy to pick up my meds. The doctor said yesterday that she'd sent the prescription in, so I thought surely they'd be ready by now. Wrong!

Well, that's not quite right. They did have one prescription for me...my allergy meds! Which I don't even really need right now. But not my BP pills. Apparently they didn't get that from the doctor. So I'm thinking more and more that this lovely sequence of fuck-ups is pretty much all on my doctor's office. So, I called the office and told them what happened. Girl on the phone says the notes indicate the doctor sent the prescription, but that she'd leave her a note telling her to do it again. So, I guess I'll have to go back tomorrow, and try again.

...I am just so angry now, I barely even have words. My blood pressure is sky high, and I have nurses yelling at me over it, and all of this bullshit that's going on...and now, they fuck up yet again and make it take even longer for me to be able to get my meds. They're fucking with my health here, and that is NOT COOL. Not to mention giving me yet another thing to be fucking anxious about! Argh!
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So, apparently, my pharmacy and/or my doctors office really suck.

A couple of weeks ago, I ran out of my medicine. I used my app to schedule a refill at my pharmacy. This was on a Thursday. The app says I can't pick them up any earlier than Tuesday. That's overly long, but okay. So I wait. Then, on Monday, I get voicemails from both the pharmacy and the doctor's office, saying I can't get refills until I go in for an office visit. Cue grumbling. This is annoying; an office visit that consists of nothing more than my walking in and saying 'Hey, I need a refill' and the doctor saying, "Okay, here you go' is a waste of time and money. But, whatever.

So, I schedule an appointment, but I can't get in until nearly two weeks later. While on the phone with my doctor's office, I ask if they can give me enough of my pills to last me until this appointment. Otherwise, I'm just going to have to do without for all that time. Lady half-heartedly says she'll leave a note for the doctor. Will you call me and let me know, I ask. No solid answer. And I never did get a call.

Today was the day of my appointment, so I get up a bit early and go in. Nurse checks my blood pressure, and unsurprisingly, it's high. I tell her I've been without my meds, and she starts fussing at me, saying why didn't I get a refill, etc. So I fuss back, that I did ask. I did everything I could do; it's not my fault I couldn't get in any earlier, and it's not my fault the lady on the phone was a complete flake. Grr.

Then! She's tinkering around with their computer system, and she tells me two things that made me very annoyed. First, apparently there was NO requirement for me to have an office visit before they'd refill my meds. They wanted me to come in before my next round of refills, but that's it. But that is NOT what I heard from both my pharmacy AND this doctor's office. Fucking hell. And! If that wasn't bad enough, she says that someone DID call in a short refill for me. But no one bothered to fucking tell me! Argh! So, basically, I've been off my meds for two weeks or more for no reason, other than someone else's blatant stupidity.

I'm changing my pharmacy after this, that's for damn sure. I don't know how much of it was their fault, and how much was the doctor's office's fault, but at this point I don't care. I've been annoyed at my pharmacy for a while now; they robocall incessantly when you've got refills coming up, and each time the damn robot calls, it leaves a message. I swear, I cleaned out my voicemail box a little while ago, and I had nearly twenty messages that were just the stupid robocalls. That's been annoying for a long time, but it wasn't enough to make it worth the trouble of transferring everything. Well, now it is. With this bullshit happening, plus that, I've had it. I'm switching to the pharmacy Mom uses; they're not in town, but she likes them.

Ugh. This day is not off to a good start...
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Okay, so I really fucking hate my Econ professor right now.

I've not liked him much to begin with, honestly. He's kind of condescending and just not that personable. But I could deal with that. As long as I don't have to email him for anything, I don't actually have to talk to him.

Then, our last test was pretty messed up. A big chunk of the questions focused on material that was never covered in any of the homework. Yes, technically, it was in the book. But these were chapters with a fuckton of info in them, and we only actually covered bits and pieces of it. So, if we needed to know this stuff, he should have fucking taught it to us. I don't know if he writes the tests, or if they come with the book, but either way. No excuse. Either write a test that covers the same material that we did, or, if the test is pre-written, then teach the material that's on the fucking test! Shortly after that test, he announces that he'll be offering a 'bonus quiz' later in the semester. I can only assume that a big portion of the class tanked that test, and he's trying to salvage things. (I was lucky, I got an 85. Not as good as I'd like, but not as bad as I'd feared, either.)

But all of that is background. Why I already didn't much like the guy. Oh, yeah. He did something else.

See, a while back we had a writing assignment. Which is stupid to begin with, but whatever. We had to write a paper. Some time before it was due, he said that we could send him our rough drafts for critique before the assignment was due. So he could tell us what needed fixing, so we could get a better grade. Or so I thought.

Because I sent him my rough draft. And he didn't really tell me anything. He said it sounded good, and then didn't really tell me anything specific that needed fixing. So, I figured it was probably okay. Maybe not perfect, but I'd get a good grade. Wrong. He finally posted the scores today, and I got a fucking 35 out of 50. 35!! If there was that much wrong with it, why the fuck didn't he say so before?! I could have re-written it! Oh, my God, I am so fucking mad right now. I could reach through the computer and kill his asshole, seriously.

I just. I'm so mad I'm almost incoherent right now. There are not words. And I have to take another Econ class next semester! I'm going to see if anyone else teaches it, and if so, I'll take it from anyone but him. Stupid fucking bastard.



Jan. 12th, 2016 09:21 pm
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I swear, this whole fuzzy-headed, can't-concentrate thing that I get at the beginning of a semester really sucks.

It's understandable, and expected, even. But still. I really, really hate it. It's so hard to get going; like a car that doesn't want to start in cold weather. You know that if you push it enough, you'll get going eventually....emphasis on 'eventually'. =P And that's what I'm doing now. Most of my classes are open, so I've started doing the reading for the class with homework due the earliest. And I just. Cannot. Focus. Seriously. I'll read a page or two, then I'll go play on my phone. After a little while, I'll go back and read another page or two. Lather, rinse, repeat.

Honestly...as much as I like having time off with the breaks between semesters...I almost wish there was a way to just have classes that would run straight through. Maybe a week off, that's it. But seriously...I think it would be easier to concentrate if I didn't get nearly a month of time to let my brain atrophy. (And summer break's going to be even worse. Ugh.)

Also? The class I'm starting with is Economics. And there's math in it. Like, graphing, finding slopes of lines and curves...shit that I haven't done since junior high, probably. This is seriously not cool, people. Because, despite what math teachers love to say, you do not use that shit in real life, unless you work in a math-oriented profession. (And I do not.) So, I'm worrying about how hard I'll find the homework. I can safely say I've completely forgotten this crap, and I don't know how easily I'll relearn it.

Oh, and one more thing. I noticed this in a class or two last semester, and I'm seeing it again here. The textbooks will give a term, and then tell you that it doesn't mean what that word normally means. In this context, it means 'some other word'. But they won't use that word, no, they're going to use the first one, which means something different. And it's driving me a little batty. Words have meanings. Use the word that means what you're talking about! Like, in the beginning of my Econ book, they're talking about how resources are 'scarce'. But it doesn't mean 'scarce', as in 'rare, or hard to find'. No, it means 'finite'. But we can't just say 'finite', because that would be too reasonable. =P Or, I remember my Management book from last semester, instead of saying 'department', they'd call it a 'function' or some such bull. Seriously. No, we can't say 'department level such-and-such', no, it's 'function level', which frequently made no bloody sense in the sentence. Or the 'research and development function'. Seriously. It's the fucking R&D department! It just makes things harder than they need to be, because you're reading and you know the actual definition of the word, but you keep having to stop and correct yourself as you read, so you can try to understand what's being said. Fucking stupid is what it is.

...Geez, this post started as whiny and ended up pissy. Oh, and I'm procrastinating, too! Still in the middle of reading my Econ book, and I stop to write this. I really need to quit doing this...
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...Emphasis on dummies.

I swear, though. You would think that the people involved with colleges would be intelligent. Academia, you know? Yeah, not so much.

First off, there was a bit of a kerfluffle with my financial aid. I didn't do anything wrong, yet they were threatening to drop my classes because of it. Grr. Turns out that the folks in the Financial Aid department were out of the office for nearly a month, due to the holidays. Yes, seriously. Because, it's not like they had any work to do during that time, no! Students planning for the upcoming semester couldn't possibly need help during that time! =P So, even though I'd sent in my concurrent enrollment form to show MSU that, with my classes I'm taking at WKCTC, I am in fact a full time student, they were claiming that I wasn't. I tell them about the form, that I'd sent it ages ago, and that I'd done this exact arrangement last semester with no problems. So they go look and say, oh, here's the form! So I'm okay after all. Ugh. So, basically, they scared me for nothing. If not for their idiotic schedule, none of this would have happened. So, I'll probably try to get this stuff in motion even earlier next semester, because God only knows how else they'll manage to fuck it up next time.

And today I had another such instance. This was less scary, more annoying, but still. See, I ordered my textbooks a little while ago. They came in the mail, and all was well. Until today. I get an email, saying that one of my classes was open in Blackboard, so I go and log in to check it out. I read the syllabus, and it mentions an online learning platform, which has a book inside it. I go look at it, and sure enough, there is the full textbook in ebook form, right there. The syllabus says something to the extent that the fee for this was included in the price of the class, and that if a student wished, there was a loose leaf paper copy of the book available for maybe $20. Sounds okay so far, right? Well, not so much when you consider that the school's bookstore told me that this class required a hard copy of the textbook, which I bought. Which was a fully bound, hardcover copy that cost more than $20. Yeah. I emailed the professor, just to be sure, and he said that yeah, the ebook was all that was required. So I'm going to try and return this copy that I bought and get my money back. Thankfully I hadn't taken the shrinkwrap off it yet. (And they had better not give me any crap about returning the damn thing. It's their fault in the first place!)

So, yeah. All this 'fun', before the semester even really starts! Ugh. =P


Jan. 2nd, 2016 05:27 pm
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I am so freaking sick of this day...and it's just getting started. Ugh!

First, car stuff... )

...And then, work stuff! )

Bloody hell...all this, and my shift's barely started. Can I go home, now? =P
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Okay, Castle writers. I've got a bone to pick with you.

Spoilers for the season premiere, and possibly older episodes, too. )

Can we stop it with writers wrecking my favorite shows, already? Ugh.
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Ah, weekends always go by way too fast. *Sigh*

Well, first off, good news on the laptop front. I was able to get a universal charger, so I'll be able to use my laptop again. I'm still thinking I'd like to replace the battery, but Dad says that it would be easier to order that; it's not something that would be easy to find locally. Which is fine. Getting the charger buys me time. =) So I'm really grateful for that.

Some not-so-good news on another shopping front. I need a new bra, so I did a little looking around today. And any ladies out there know what a nightmare that is.

Cut for bra-related rantings )

And, on the school front, I've got a paper to write. Now, this wouldn't be so bad, if my professor hadn't gone out of her way to pick the shittiest topics ever. I swear to God, she couldn't have thought up worse ones if she tried. And of course, we can't pick our own topic; it has to be one off the list. So I'm seriously dreading this. I haven't written an essay in years; it's not a real-world skill. So I'm probably a little rusty anyway. And now I have to do it on a terrible topic. I'm cringing already. =P

...Jeez, it's late. I better be getting to bed. Gotta work tomorrow. (Plus schoolwork to do, bleh.)
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I swear, college is the absolute stupidest fucking thing ever.

Okay, so I've finally gotten things mostly taken care of, for my classes. I just today got my financial aid check, so I just now ordered my books. Not thrilled about it being so late, but I can't do anything about that. And that's not what I'm here to rant about, anyway.

Why am I ranting, you ask? Well it's this. Several of my online classes are now available through Blackboard, so I was poking around them, reading the syllabi, etc. And during the course of doing that, I discovered something. All the ones I looked at require at least one (sometimes more!) proctored exams. That means I have to go to campus.

What the everloving fuck, guys! Seriously!

The ENTIRE POINT of an online program is that I DO NOT have to come to campus! Both campuses are in Kentucky; I live in Illinois! Besides that being something like 4-5 hours away, I work full time! I'll have to miss work (and thus lose pay) to go take these stupid tests. Probably multiple times, since it's doubtful that I'll manage to schedule them all for one day. (Yeah, you have to talk to someone and actually *schedule* it. You can't just show up.)

I just...this just makes me so fucking angry. It's like it's been one thing after another with this BS. I swear to God, if it wasn't practically impossible to get any sort of decent career without a degree, I'd throw my hands up and say to hell with it all. But I don't really have a choice; I have to have a degree. But I just want to scream right about now.

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