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Okay, so you may remember that I posted a while back, complaining about losing my old software when I upgraded to Windows 10, and the difficulties I was having in replacing them. Well, I might have worked out a solution to one of those issues. Maybe.

I've been watching anime lately, and I really wanted to work out a way for me to keep screencapping it. I was able to find places to download screencaps that other people had posted for a couple of series on my to-be-watched list, but not for most of them. So I needed to figure something out. Well, I might just have it. It's not a perfect solution, but it might work.

I use VLC Player for most of my video watching. And, since upgrading, I've also used it to watch DVDs. The only problem being that when you use VLC to screencap a subtitled video, the subs appear on the screencaps. Which makes them pretty useless. While trying to find a setting that would allow me to take sub-free caps, I stumbled on a feature that I didn't even know existed. Apparently, you can set VLC to auto-screencap. You just have to give it an image format, a location, and how often you want to cap. (Every 'x' number of frames, I think is how it goes.) So this is pretty cool, right? The only downside being that I have to essentially run through each disk twice. Once to watch it, with subtitles on. And once to run the automatic capping, with subtitles off. That's the only way to get sub-free caps in VLC, apparently.

So, yeah. I'm trying it out on the next series I plan to watch. It's a little inconvenient, having to go through each disk twice. Especially since I'm trying to not do anything else on the computer at the time, so VLC can have all the system resources it needs. But, still. I do really like being able to watch anime without having to manually cap it myself. I never really realized how much of a pain that was, until I stopped doing it. And now, I really prefer it this way. So, being able to just sit and watch makes this option very attractive. Even if I do have to go back and run the disk again later. The only other issue is how many caps it's generating. I may need to tinker with the settings a bit, I'm not sure. The way I've got it set now, I'm getting a lot of duplicates. Anytime there's a scene with people standing around talking, not moving much, I get a bunch of very similar shots. So, I may raise the number of frames between caps a bit. I'm just afraid that if I do that, I'll miss out on good caps during fast paced segments. So, I don't know. I've done two disks, so far. I'm going to go through those caps and weed out the duplicates, and any other useless ones. (Scenery, blurry shots, etc.) If that's not too big of a pain, I might just leave it as-is. If it is, then I'll consider changing it.

We'll see how it goes, but I'm hopeful that this might work out. <3

EDIT: Okay, well I learned something else. Apparently, if you try to cap any of the extras, VLC thinks it's capping something new, and it overwrites the old caps already in the folder. =P Not a huge deal, but a little annoying. So, I guess if there are any extras (like textless opening/ending sequences) that I want to cap, I'll have to remember to do just one at a time, then stop the disk and move the files. Then I can start the disk again and do the next one the same way. Repeat until all extras are covered. Then stop the disk, move the files, and restart the disk to cap the actual episodes.
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Alright, I've had just about enough of this crap.

This got a little long... )

Why do newer OSs have to break old software? It's not fair. And, with that being the case, why the fuck do all the good programs get abandoned or discontinued, so there are no newer version to upgrade to? Argh!
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Well, I think I finally got my fall schedule squared away. After a few more emails with my internship prof, I was able to register for the classes I needed. So, as far as I can tell, my schedule is complete. Even if it's a little scary to look at! I'm technically registered for six classes, though two of them are for the internship, and so they kind of don't count. All I have to do for that is fill out paperwork and write a paper at the end of the term, I think. It's not a 'class' in the typical sense of the word. But one of the classes I'm taking is another Statistics class, which is definitely scary. And I have no idea what to expect from the others, so...

Ah, well. On to better news, I got my grade for my Econ class! I got an A; I'm so happy! I thought I might have one, but I was worried about how I'd done on the final, and this prof's grading system is confusing, so I wasn't sure of my assessment, anyway. But I did okay, so I'm relieved. I still haven't seen a letter grade posted anywhere for my Operations Mgmt. class, so I'm assuming that what's in Canvas is correct. If so, I've got an A in that one, too. Which I am super grateful for; that class was a nightmare. =P

And now, maybe I can stop stressing about school for a while. *Crosses fingers*
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Well, here's another "Good news, bad news" post. =P

The Good

I heard back from my adviser, and she fixed whatever the issue was keeping me out of my elective classes. I picked one and got registered for it. So that's four out of five classes taken care of.

The Bad

I also heard back from the professor who oversees the internship class. He said he'd done something, and I should be able to register. But I still couldn't, when I tried. So I emailed him again, and included a screenshot of what I saw when I tried. Hopefully he'll be able to straighten it out for me, and soon.

Also! My boss is an idiot. I was supposed to take vacation next week. I scheduled this months ago. But today I get a message, saying that he'd scheduled both me and another coworker for vacation on that same week. So one of us had to switch. And honestly, this just...Ugh. I have seniority. By like, a lot. So, if either of us is going to switch, it should be him. But. I don't actually have any firm plans next week. And most importantly? I do not have the emotional spoons to fight about this. I am drained and tired and still a bit stressed over school and grades and everything. And I just do not have the energy to make a stink about this. So, I'm kind of pissed, but it doesn't feel worth it to try and fight it. So, my vacation is getting pushed back...by like, three weeks. I am not a happy camper. =/
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The Good

My Operations Mgmt. prof finally posted the grades for our finals. I actually got an A, which surprised me. (It was a low A, a 92 I think, but still, that's better than I expected!) Not sure if that's curved or not, but I'm kind of thrilled right now. I'm not sure if the percentage showing in Canvas is our actual grade or not, but if it is, then I have an A. I'm not sure where to look in MyGate for our letter grades, so I don't know if that's all final or what. But I don't remember this prof having a weird grading scheme (like my Econ prof did), so I hope it's accurate. No word yet for Econ, but the deadline isn't until Tuesday, so I don't expect grades sooner than that. And honestly, not even that soon. Hopefully it won't be real long afterward, but we'll see.

I also got an email notification saying that the transcript I ordered had been sent to MSU, so yay.

The Bad

...Or not. Because when I went to register for classes, I ran into problems. Oh, it did let me register; I was able to get into both of my required classes. But a lot of the electives I was considering were already full, or some were just not offered this term, or were only offered as in-person classes. And then a few more gave me various different errors when I tried to register. >_> So, I emailed my adviser and told her which ones I'd gotten errors on, and asked her if she could help me out. I need to get into the internship class, and one more elective. I think I got errors on two or three electives, so any one of those would be okay. I did manage to find one elective that I could get into, though it wasn't one I was originally planning to take this soon. But, it was open and didn't give me errors, so I grabbed it. Now I'm just really worried about whether my adviser will be able to get me into those classes that I need. =(

One reason to be glad this is my last semester splitting my time between KCTCS and MSU, I guess. The only reason I'm so late registering is because of those stupid transcripts. After this, I won't have to do this anymore. All my grades will be from MSU, so I won't have to run around transferring things. At least, I hope. The transcript I sent just now *should* have this semester's grades from KCTCS, but with my luck, I'm half afraid they'll tell me I need to do it again next semester. =P Although, even if that happens, I'll be able to do it right away, rather than having to wait for the end of the semester. Still. I'd like to avoid that!
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Well, I took my Econ final last night. That was my last bit of schoolwork, so now it's just down to the waiting. It's weird...on the one hand, yeah, there's some relief at not having to do anything else. (My brain is seriously ready for a vacation!) But on the other hand...it's not like I can stop worrying or stressing. I have no idea how I did on either my Operations Mgmt. final or my Econ final, so I really have no idea what kind of grade I'll be getting in either class. And that's really kind of frustrating.

I hadn't really thought of it before, but this might be the first time this has happened. Typically, most of my other classes have just had multiple choice tests, which the computer could grade as soon as you were done taking it. So, I'd take the test, then get my grade, then go plug that into my other grades, and I'd be able to figure out my grade for the semester. Even if it took the prof a few days to actually post the final grades, there wasn't really any more stress after the test was over. But not this time. I don't know what score I got on my finals, and thus I really can't even guess what grade I'll have in the course overall. Plus, my Econ prof has a really complicated grading thing, with bonus points, must-do assignments, assignments that'll drop, weights, and all that crap. So, I really can't figure what I'll get in that one. And it's kind of driving me crazy. Because it's already been a week since the deadline for my Operations Mgmt. class final, and the professor still hasn't posted our grades. =/ And since the deadline for my Econ final isn't until Tuesday, it's going to be that much longer until I see a grade for that class, too. Argh.

And I had to fill out my course evaluations for both of those classes by the end of the day today, which kinda bugs me. I'd really prefer to wait until I get my grade, especially if I'm going to give a bad review. (Which I did. One bad, and one 'not bad, could be better'.) They say those things are anonymous, but I don't really trust it. But I waited as long as I could, so there's nothing I can do about it.

On the upside, my Database Design prof posted our final grades, so I ordered my transcript to be sent to MSU. Hopefully it won't take too long, so I can hurry up and get registered for my fall classes.

...And then, I can stop thinking about school for a while. XD
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Well, I took my final in my Database Design class. I got an A on it. <3 According to the grades page, my professor still has to post a 'participation' grade, then the letter grade for the course. Hopefully she'll get that done soon. I need to get a transcript sent from KCTCS to MSU, and I can't do it until my grades are in. (Well, I could, but then I'd have to send two within a week or so of each other, to get all the grades. And that's just silly.)

I also did the last bit of homework for my Econ class, which was kind of a practice test. No word yet as to when the prof will post the actual final. I honestly kind of thought he'd do it today, but he sent out a message today saying we'd have another chat session on Wednesday. =/ So, I'm guessing it won't be until somewhere after that.

Which sucks anyway, but the deadline for the final being turned in is on Monday/Tuesday. So, we're not going to have a real big window to take this test, it looks like. And we have to turn in our course evaluations by Friday. =/ I prefer to wait until I'm done with a class before submitting those, but I'm not going to have that option for this one, it seems. Bleh. This prof is just dragging his feet way too much on this class. I'm completely done with all my others (and some have been done for a week already!), and it looks like it'll be another week before I'm done with this one. I just want it to be over, already!
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...Well, almost. And I'm probably half-way done with my remaining school stuff.

I took my final and even got my course grade in my HTML class. (I got an A!) So, that's off my shoulders. I took my final in my Operations Management class, but I don't have my grade yet. (For the test or the class.) This one's in that weird limbo where, it's out of my hands, but I'm still worrying about it. =P

I finished my homework and took the last unit test for my Database Design class. The final for that one doesn't unlock until Monday, so I have to wait until then to take it. Having just taken a test, it feels like I ought to be done with this one! But, no. One more test to go. And for my Econ class, I've finished three of the four homework assignments. The one that's left is a big one; the prof labeled it as a 'practice test'. It's got something like 59 questions, and it's timed and everything. Yikes. I might try to do that one tomorrow, we'll see. It's not due until May 7th, so there's no rush. And the prof hasn't posted our final(s) for that class yet. He gave us deadlines of May 8-9, so I wonder if maybe he'll post them on Monday? I hope so...I'm ready to be done with all this.

So, basically...two down, and two to go.
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Okay, well, crap.

I knew the semester was winding down, and things were almost done. But I just looked over my assignment lists, and I realized. I have two finals and a regular test this week. This, plus the aforementioned homework assignments. Oh, and my Econ prof decided to drop two more assignments on us. Yeah. I thought I had a little more time than that. Crap.

Oh, and my Econ prof is doing another of those stupid 'chat sessions', where I log on and listen to him imitate Charlie Brown's teacher for an hour or two. =P It really sucks, because I could use some help figuring out some of this homework. It's all based on supplemental material he provided, rather than our actual textbook. And the supplements tend to be really awkwardly written, and not easy to understand. So, if he could actually speak intelligible English for these stupid chat sessions, they would probably be really helpful. But, no. Can't have that. =P
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I haven't posted in a little while, so here's a bit of an update.

I turned in my course project paper for Economics and my final website project for my HTML class. I actually got perfect scores on both, so that's a huge relief. It's one of those things where I thought I did okay, but I wasn't sure enough of what the professor was looking for, so I was worried about how I'd do. But, it turned out okay. So, I'm really glad about that.

The semester is almost over, which is nice. I'm running around, trying to finish the last of the homework. I've got four more assignments in Economics. (And the first one is a bunch of math and graphing, ugh.) They're not due for a bit, but I want to get them done sooner than later, if I can. I don't know when my prof will post our final; he gave due dates for it, but I hope to get it done well before that.

All I have left in my HTML class and my Operation Mgmt. class are the finals. I have one stupid discussion board thing for my Database Design class. It's annoying mostly because she's requiring us to comment on every single one of our classmates' posts, plus respond to a set number of comments. So, I can't actually do it until everyone else does. Like, just now, I went and looked at it? Only one person has posted their initial post. =/ So, I can write up mine, and comment on that guy's post, but then I'll have to keep coming back and checking to see when everyone else has posted. And, if previous classes are anything to go by, a lot of people will wait until the very last minute to post anything at all. So, I'm worried if I'll have time to get everything done.

And my anxiety has been kicking up a lot lately, which sucks. It makes everything else harder. I keep trying to distract myself, but I don't really have a lot of time to do fun things, so it's not working as well as I'd like. (Plus, when I do take time to read, or whatever, I feel bad, because I feel like I should be doing homework, instead. Bleh.)

Nerdy HTML talk to follow )

And what is up with this new TOS at LJ? I am not comfortable with this. I don't know that it will really affect me any, but still, it's skeevy. >_> I had to click 'accept' in order to get back into my account, so I did. I've seen a lot of people jumping ship over this. I don't know that I'll do that, but I am considering not paying for the service anymore. (All I pay for is icons, but still.) And if I stop paying here, maybe I'll start paying for my Dreamwidth. I've just got a basic free account over there currently, but maybe I'll switch to a paid account, and get that journal spiffed up a bit. I'm also on InsaneJournal, but I think Dreamwidth might be more active. (Although, really, neither is anywhere near as busy as LJ was in its heyday. Sigh.)

...Jeez, this post got long!
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It really should, because that's probably the best word to describe how I'm feeling right now.

Ugh. I am so ready for this semester to be over already. I am having a hard time with this Operations Management class. There's so much math, and the textbook is shitty (it leaves out steps to solving problems!) and my prof is lazy as hell. He won't answer questions; he just totally ignores what you say and tells you to read the damn book. Grr.

So, I'm pretty stressed about that. I've got an assignment list for this class, and I'm looking at it now, half tempted to try to work ahead and maybe finish the homework before the semester's over. On the one hand, I've done this before, and it usually doesn't work out. If I go without working on the material for weeks, by the time the test rolls around, I've forgotten things. But, given how much time it's taken me to get some of this homework done, between struggling through on my own and trying to wring an answer out of my jackass prof...it seems prudent to start early, to give myself as much time as possible to complete the assignments. That way, if I have to go back and forth with Dr. Dumbass for a week or more, I can still have time to get the assignment done.

I'm just not sure. On the one hand, if I don't work ahead in any class, I've got a little bit of free time. And I want that free time. I want to be able to sit around and read, or watch anime, or work on graphics, or something fun! But I'm just so worried about these stupid classes. I kind of feel like I should try to do as much as possible, and get it out of the way. So it's not hanging over my head, you know? Besides Operations Management, which I just mentioned, I've got three other classes.

Econ, I can't work ahead in, since the prof never gave us an assignment list, really. Well, he listed some assignments, but didn't give us any due dates. Oh, one bit of good news. I finished writing that stupid paper, the big class project for Econ. Granted, this is a first draft. I'll need to look it over, and see if anything needs fixing. (And I'm sure it will.) Still, at least the bulk of the work is done. I'm glad to have it mostly done, but I'm still worried. Having never written a paper for this prof before, I don't really know what he's expecting. I hope this paper is good enough, but I'm just not confident about that. I need to get a good grade on it, since it's worth a good chunk of our grade. Ugh. And with something like this, there's not much I can do to ensure that. Just try to write it so I think it sounds good, and then hope that's what the prof wants. And worry like crazy until he posts the grades. =P

I'm not as worried about my two CIS courses. The web design class doesn't post the homework more than a week at a time, so I can't work ahead there, even if I wanted to. My database design class does give us some homework early, so I could probably work ahead if I wanted. But I'm more concerned with Operations Management, so really, if I work ahead in anything, it'll be that.

So, I'm not sure what I want to do. I want to take some time and rest, do something fun. But I also want to be sure I can get this stupid homework done on time. Plus, having it all done, knowing that it wasn't hanging over my head...that would be nice. I know I'm kind of repeating myself, but sometimes I think out loud...or in writing, as the case may be. As I'm writing this, I'm kind of working through this, trying to come to a decision. So, I ramble a bit.

Now, I'm kind of thinking that maybe I will try to work ahead in Operations Management. I plan to re-read those chapters before the final, anyway. So, maybe I don't have to worry so much about forgetting the material, if there's a gap between the homework and test. Hmm. Yeah...maybe I'll do that...
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Surprisingly, I heard back from my professor.

Unsurprisingly, he was completely useless. =/

My last email reiterated my question, and explicitly stated that I found the book and other materials unclear. So what does he respond with? 'Read the textbook'! Argh! I just...there are no words for this kind of stupidity and laziness, seriously. Who hires idiots like this?!
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I swear, lack of reading comprehension is such a huge pet peeve of mine.

You email someone and ask a question (or two), and they respond...and don't even address what you asked. I fucking hate people who do this. Like my bonehead Operations Management prof. This isn't the first time, either. (Or hell, there was the time when I emailed him twice about an assignment, and he just never fucking answered at all!)

I emailed him on Friday asking about our homework. Simple question: how do we find the number of workers we have, so I can do these calculations? I asked him to clarify something else, too. Maybe that was my mistake. Can't bother to actually pay attention to more than one thing, obviously. So he answers me today...completely ignoring my initial question. Just says that to figure production, you need to do x, y, and z...but to do x, you need the number of workers. Which he doesn't tell me how to find. Which was the primary question I asked, in the first place.


So, I emailed him and asked him the same fucking question AGAIN. Now, we'll see if he actually answers me before the assignment is due on Tuesday. >_>


Mar. 10th, 2017 07:27 pm
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I fucking hate my Econ professor.

He gives us an obscene amount of material to read, between the textbook chapters and a ton of supplemental crap that he types up. (In his awkward, weird English!) And then! He gives us homework that doesn't have anything to do with any of that. No, the only time the stuff in this homework assignment is 'covered'? Is in a freaking Youtube video that he linked to, which he didn't even make. (Which may be good, since his accent is so thick, but still.) Seriously. He makes us read all this shit, and then gives homework on stuff that he doesn't even teach us. Fucking hell, this guy needs to be fired, seriously. You can't understand him when he talks, and he clearly doesn't know how to teach.

So, yeah. I'm sitting here, trying to do this homework, but I don't understand it at all. Because it was never taught to me! Where the hell does he get off giving us homework on stuff he never taught?!

...Fuck, this semester can't end fast enough, seriously.

Mad Cow!

Mar. 7th, 2017 07:35 pm
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Ugh, I swear, I have just about had it right now. I'm such an idiot!

So, as I mentioned in my last post, I'm sick. Yes, still. I went to the doctor yesterday and got some meds, but they'll take some time to start working. So, I'm sitting here, feeling crappy, trying to do homework. I was going to try to get started on the big paper for my Econ class. See, I'd done some research a little while ago. Went around and saved a bunch of sources, skimmed through them. So, I should be good to go for starting to write. If I don't have all the sources I need, I should have at least enough to start with.

But no. See, I'm an idiot. Somehow, I managed to delete all the research I'd saved. Yeah. I could have sworn I'd copied it over, but evidently not. And now it's gone. So I have to start all over. And that means I can't start writing until even later. Fuck college, seriously. I'm too sick and tired to feel up to dealing with this shit right now.

I'm a strange mix of pissed off and whiny/clingy right now. =/ On the one hand, I'm really mad that I have to do this work twice. But, it's like...I don't have the energy to actually be mad. I just want to be cuddled and taken care of. Stupid infection.
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Ugh, I swear...I feel like I haven't been on the computer (for fun) in ages...

I've been busy with school, of course. Had some tests that I had to take with that creepy lockdown browser, so I had to do that after work. I also got back into my Raspberry Pi again, and I've been playing a little Final Fantasy VI. <3 I think I'm almost half-way through it? I'm at the point right before it switches to the World of Ruin, whatever that is. The walkthrough I'm following has me running around doing things, because apparently, this is the last chance for a lot of stuff. So, once I finish doing miscellaneous tasks, I'll head into that next dungeon, and things should get interesting. =D

I don't know if I ever talked about my Raspberry Pi before. I know I meant to write a post on it, back when I got it, but I think I ended up forgetting. ^^;; Well, basically, a Raspberry Pi is a teeny, tiny computer. The thing seriously fits in the palm of my hand. And you can run all sorts of stuff on it, really, but my family uses them for video game emulators.

Brief squeeing within. )

Oh, and I got sick. Again. =/ Earlier this week, my tonsils swelled up and I got all congested. Not fun. Honestly, I'm almost more offended than anything. I just was sick, maybe a month ago? If that? And now, here I am again. Luckily, it's not the same thing, because what I had last time was pretty rough. This isn't as bad as that. It still sucks, though.

So, between being too tired or sick to do more than watch TV, and playing some FFVI, I really haven't gotten on the computer just for fun in a couple of weeks, probably. Although, hell...I haven't read anything in even longer. =( I seriously need to get a better handle on my time management skills. I have work and homework to do, obviously, but sometimes I drag my feet too much on the homework. I get distracted, or whatever, and I end up wasting a lot of time. And it's not even fun time wasting, like taking a break to read or something. No, it's just surfing Facebook and playing stupid games on my phone. Part of the problem is this stupid project that I have to do for my Econ class. I know I need to start on it, because I have no idea how long it'll take to get it done. But it's just a daunting task to start a big paper like that. So, I sit down and intend to work on it...and I end up wasting my time on stupid stuff, instead. And then, if I have free time after work, I'm often too tired to feel like doing anything fun. Hence my being a slug in front of the TV.

Meh. I'm just feeling a little sorry for myself, I guess. It's stupid, but whatever. I just want to read. Or watch some anime. (I just picked up the two Sailor Moon Crystal sets that are out, plus I've still got stuff from Christmas that I haven't had time to watch.) I want to make graphics or read fanfic, or surf the internet for neat stuff 'til the wee hours of the morning. I want my hobbies, damn it. And lately, I just haven't had enough time or energy. I watch TV, which is nice, but it's more a way to lay around and rest, rather than that I'm super excited about what I'm watching. I want to do something because it's fun. I am having fun playing FFVI, but I'm not really playing that much. And I'm running around doing miscellaneous stuff right now, not even advancing the story.

...Geez, this post turned out really whiny, didn't it? Oops. >_>
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I'm just about to melt into a little puddle of happiness, here.

See, earlier this week, I took my first exam in my Intro to Operations Management class. It was hard, and stressful. (It had math, what do you expect?) Anyway, some of the questions were short answer/fill in the blank. So, the computer couldn't give me a grade once I'd finished it. The professor posted to Canvas earlier and said he'd grade the tests once the deadline had passed, and that he'd let us know when the grades were available. Okay, fine.

So, he sends out a message a day or two ago, saying that the grades were up. And that the average score was 70-something. O_O Yeah. So, I was understandably kind of wigged out. I mean, sure, I might have done better, but good lord. If the class average is a freaking C, then that really doesn't bode well, you know? And I really wasn't confident at all about the math portion of this test, what was a big part of what the short answer questions were. So, I didn't think I'd get a very good grade.

Well, I plucked up my courage and checked my score just now. I told myself that I may as well look at it, and that I shouldn't be shocked if it was bad, since it seems like most of us did badly on this one.

I got a 97. =D

I genuinely can't believe it. I swear, I almost feel a little physically weak, that's how relieved I am. I kinda want to cry, I'm so happy.

Even telling myself that I should expect a bad score, since the class average was so low...I was upset about it, still. I'm just so grateful that I did better than I'd thought. I mean...when I was taking the test, I thought I did okay on the non-math parts. I was worried about the math, but I'd hoped that I did decently enough on the rest to rescue my grade, if I tanked the math part. But then I saw that message, saying the average score was 70-something...and I was sure I'd done a lot worse on the non-math part than I'd thought. (Plus I'd probably done badly on the math, too.)

...There's really no point to this post, I guess. I'm just so relieved that I got a good score here.


Feb. 7th, 2017 11:44 pm
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Well, I did get sick. =P

Felt like crap by the end of the night on Thursday, then was full-blown sick by Friday morning. I worked from home that day, then basically just stayed in bed and tried to rest for the weekend. I thought I'd feel better by Monday, but no. So I worked from home again that night, too. Now it's Tuesday, and I'm finally feeling a bit better. Not over it, but I feel human enough to go to work, at any rate.

So here I am, typing this entry on my new laptop.

Yeah, that's something else that happened last week. I finally decided on a laptop and got it ordered. I went with the HP Notebook, and since it came from Amazon, I was able to use Dad's Prime account to get it here in two days. Lovely. Pretty much just in time to get sick. =/ Although, it was handy having it to use then, since I didn't feel like getting out of bed.

I think I like it okay, so far. I'm not crazy about the little arrow keys, as expected. They're awkward, and it seems like you have to hit them twice as hard, sometimes, or they don't register the keystroke. And the touchpad sucks, but I normally never use the thing, so that's not a big deal. I'm still getting used to the chicklet-style keyboard. It feels a little weird, but I'll get used to it the more I type on it, I guess. Overall, I think it's okay. There's always an adjustment period, whenever anything major changes. I don't like change; I'm a curmudgeon that way. But, other than just simply being different, I think it's mostly okay.
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This is yet another reason why being an adult sucks.

I feel like I'm coming down with something. Mom and Rich both got it at about the same time. Dad got it today. And now I think I might be getting it. That's not the suck. (Well, it is, but it's not what I was referring to before.)

The suck is this. I'm not really sick yet, but I can feel it hovering. And, unsurprisingly, I don't really feel like doing anything tonight. Part of me's lobbying to take the night off, just read, relax, whatever. But then another part of me (this would be the responsible adult part, I guess) says that no, I really need to try to do homework tonight. Because if I do get sick, I'm going to be useless for the next few days. I really won't feel like working, and the odds of my getting anything done are pretty slim. So, I need to work now, while I only feel a little under the weather.

The 'being an adult sucks' part is that I know that part of me is right. So, I have to do homework. And pray that I don't actually get sick. =P

...Yeah, I'm feeling whiny. Hence, this post.

EDIT: Oh, and the homework that's due soonest, which I'm trying to do? Is math. I am already deeply offended by this class. See, I had no idea it was a fucking math class. "Intro to Operations Management", or something similar, is the title. Who would think that would mean math? But it does. The scary kind of math you almost have to rely on Excel for, but I'm pretty sure we're not allowed to use Excel on the tests. I am so screwed. And trying to do these assignments...I get a question wrong, and I can't tell if I actually did it wrong (the formula), or just made one teeny tiny mechanical error. Which I can't see. Argh. I would scream, if my throat didn't hurt.
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Okay, so I'm still looking for a new laptop. But I think I'm starting to narrow it down.

Does laptop buying have 'stages', I wonder? In my last post, I was pretty clearly stuck in 'anger'. But I think I've moved on to 'acceptance' now. I'm just so tired of all this crap, I just want to hurry up and pick one, to be done with it. So, I accept that I'm not going to get everything that I want. Now the question becomes, what am I willing to give up?

More long-winded rambling )

So, yeah. I'm not there yet, but getting there.
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