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It really should, because that's probably the best word to describe how I'm feeling right now.

Ugh. I am so ready for this semester to be over already. I am having a hard time with this Operations Management class. There's so much math, and the textbook is shitty (it leaves out steps to solving problems!) and my prof is lazy as hell. He won't answer questions; he just totally ignores what you say and tells you to read the damn book. Grr.

So, I'm pretty stressed about that. I've got an assignment list for this class, and I'm looking at it now, half tempted to try to work ahead and maybe finish the homework before the semester's over. On the one hand, I've done this before, and it usually doesn't work out. If I go without working on the material for weeks, by the time the test rolls around, I've forgotten things. But, given how much time it's taken me to get some of this homework done, between struggling through on my own and trying to wring an answer out of my jackass prof...it seems prudent to start early, to give myself as much time as possible to complete the assignments. That way, if I have to go back and forth with Dr. Dumbass for a week or more, I can still have time to get the assignment done.

I'm just not sure. On the one hand, if I don't work ahead in any class, I've got a little bit of free time. And I want that free time. I want to be able to sit around and read, or watch anime, or work on graphics, or something fun! But I'm just so worried about these stupid classes. I kind of feel like I should try to do as much as possible, and get it out of the way. So it's not hanging over my head, you know? Besides Operations Management, which I just mentioned, I've got three other classes.

Econ, I can't work ahead in, since the prof never gave us an assignment list, really. Well, he listed some assignments, but didn't give us any due dates. Oh, one bit of good news. I finished writing that stupid paper, the big class project for Econ. Granted, this is a first draft. I'll need to look it over, and see if anything needs fixing. (And I'm sure it will.) Still, at least the bulk of the work is done. I'm glad to have it mostly done, but I'm still worried. Having never written a paper for this prof before, I don't really know what he's expecting. I hope this paper is good enough, but I'm just not confident about that. I need to get a good grade on it, since it's worth a good chunk of our grade. Ugh. And with something like this, there's not much I can do to ensure that. Just try to write it so I think it sounds good, and then hope that's what the prof wants. And worry like crazy until he posts the grades. =P

I'm not as worried about my two CIS courses. The web design class doesn't post the homework more than a week at a time, so I can't work ahead there, even if I wanted to. My database design class does give us some homework early, so I could probably work ahead if I wanted. But I'm more concerned with Operations Management, so really, if I work ahead in anything, it'll be that.

So, I'm not sure what I want to do. I want to take some time and rest, do something fun. But I also want to be sure I can get this stupid homework done on time. Plus, having it all done, knowing that it wasn't hanging over my head...that would be nice. I know I'm kind of repeating myself, but sometimes I think out loud...or in writing, as the case may be. As I'm writing this, I'm kind of working through this, trying to come to a decision. So, I ramble a bit.

Now, I'm kind of thinking that maybe I will try to work ahead in Operations Management. I plan to re-read those chapters before the final, anyway. So, maybe I don't have to worry so much about forgetting the material, if there's a gap between the homework and test. Hmm. Yeah...maybe I'll do that...
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Not sure if I mean 'a ball of stress' or one of those little things that you squeeze the crap out of. I do feel like I've been getting squeezed lately...

Anyway. So, I posted before about wanting to get my degree online. Well, I've made some inroads on that. I decided on a school, applied, and was accepted. I should have taken a minute to be excited about that; because, of course, it can't be that simple.

This got long... )

So, long story short, I'm just kinda freaking out right now. The start of the fall semester is coming up fast, and I'm seriously worried that I won't be able to get registered and everything in time. I still have to order books, which I can't do until I'm registered, obviously. As far as I know, my financial aid is on track, but I should probably look over that some more, just to be sure. It wouldn't be the first time I thought something was all sewn up, only to later find that it wasn't. =/

It's just...argh. I have the sinking feeling that I'm just going to be a big 'ole ball of stress until classes start. (And hell, likely after that, too. Getting in isn't the only thing I'm worried about. =P)
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I don't know if I want to scream or cry. Seriously, this day has sucked.

First, I manage to knock the driver's side mirror nearly off my car. My new, haven't-even-had-it-a-week car. Yeah. I've been driving for ten years, and I've never hit anything or done damage to a car...so of course, this is the time to start, right? Argh! I was backing out of the driveway, to head to work. Dad had parked the truck on the gravel next to the driveway, but the back end was sticking out into the driveway. I didn't notice when I got in the car, and I had my head turned the other way as I was backing out. Then I hear a crunch. Ugh. I hit the very end of the truck, or maybe the ginormous antenna that Dad has there. And the mirror was just hanging by the wiring, so I was afraid to drive to work with it like that. I started out, but when I saw how much it was rattling around just at 20mph, I figured it wasn't a good idea to try for highway speed. =P So I took the truck instead.

And, of course, Dad's mad at me. Because obviously he's never done anything stupid, or made a mistake, or broken something by accident before. Grr. I swear, if he gives me any more crap about it, I'm gonna go postal on his ass. After the monumentally stupid shit that he's pulled lately, he has absolutely no fucking right to yell at me over some minor car damage.

After this mess, I was a little late to work. So I have to stay late to make up for it. Lovely. =P Then, maybe an hour after I got to work, it stormed. Like, really loud wind/hail/rain/what-the-hell-ever. And you know how I feel about storms, period. I was not happy.

And, since I had to come in the truck, of course, there was almost no gas in it. I looked at the gage before I left town and thought I could make it to work and back. But by the time I got here, I wasn't so sure. So now I'm thinking I'm going to have to stop for gas on the way home. Which is a little annoying in and of itself, but not that big a deal, right? Well, I won't be leaving until nearly 2am. Yeah. So, for one, I don't fancy standing around that late, by myself, while I get gas. And for another...I'm not even sure if the gas stations around here are open that late. I've never really noticed. So, I'm either going to have to take a chance, or make an extra trip out earlier in the night. Yuck.

And that's not even all. I'm sitting here, running the Import and vegging. Then I look over and see that stupid log file error. So, I call tech support. The connection sucks, and I either get hung up on, or the call dropped. I try again, and finally get someone to talk to me. We go over the info, then he says he'll have a tech call me. A while later, the dude calls, but says that it'll be an hour or more before he can remote in. Yeah. And it's after 8:00 at this point. So who knows when this thing'll get going again. Luckily, I'm going to be here late, anyway, but still.

It's just one thing after another today, I swear. And now I'm fretting because I can't take my car to the dealership to get fixed until Monday, at the earliest. Why the fuck are so many things closed on the weekends? A lot of people get weekends off, therefore, that's when they have time to run errands. Geez. But either way, I guess I'll just have to call them on Monday, and hope I can come down then. I need the mirror fixed, obviously, but I also need the alarm looked at. And I was going to get another key or two, but now I may not. I've heard those programmable keys are expensive, so I don't know if I'll have the money to spare, after everything else. I'll just have to wait and see, I guess.

I swear, it never fails. Just when I feel like I may be done with huge expenses, and like maybe I can finally start putting money back into my savings, or that my finances are otherwise settling down, something like this happens. Now I'm just praying that it doesn't cost that much to fix those things, and that the keys aren't as high as I've heard. The keys can wait if necessary, but at the very least, I need the mirror fixed now. And I'll probably get them to do the alarm, too, while they're at it. It's mostly just annoying, but this way I won't have to come back later. Better to get it all done at once, assuming I can afford it. I don't think the mirror would be that big of a deal, but I have no idea about the alarm. I don't have the faintest idea of how easy or complicated that might be to fix. =/

...I need some tea, damn it. Or chocolate...like, good chocolate. Or hell, maybe both.


Jun. 22nd, 2010 07:28 pm
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Okay, today? Today kinda sucked.

First, I nearly lost my purse. Mom and I were at the store, getting groceries. I was loading the bags into the truck, and somehow managed to forget to grab my purse out of the cart. Maybe I thought she'd gotten it, or something. I don't know. But we got in the truck and left. We're about half-way home (which is two towns over, by the way) when I realized that I didn't have it. Cue much freaking out. So we turn around and head back to the store. Thankfully, someone (presumably one of the cart-guys) found it and took it in to the service desk. As soon as I asked about it, the girl brought it over and checked the ID inside, to be sure it was mine. And nothing was missing, thank God. I swear, you don't realize just how much of your life you carry around in your purse until you think it's gone. >_> Ugh.

And so, due to this little side-trip, I ended up being almost half an hour late to work. My boss was cool about it, when I told him what'd happened, but still. I hate being late. And, that means that I'll have to stay half an hour later tonight, so I won't lose money. Bleh.

Then, at work, I had a whole desk full of equipment to fix. Joy. So that took quite a while to get through. And then, later, I find a problem with one of my processes. So I call A and ask him to look at it. Turns out that I'd run one of the earlier processes for the wrong date. Argh. Thankfully, that meant all I had to do was run it again with the correct date, but still. More stupid blunders from me today. =P I know that everyone has days where they do dumb stuff, but geez. I'm not used to having this much stupidity in a single day.

Oh, and all this frantic running around? Was done in 95+ degree weather, with a heat index that's even higher. Yeah.

I'm bloody well exhausted. From stress, and from running around in this God awful heat. I just want to go home and crawl in bed, now. (With a big, cold drink.)
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I'm such a creature of habit. It always messes me up whenever my schedules get changed. =P

First off, I'm accustomed to having my weekly shopping trip with Mom on Thursdays. Thing is, they changed her schedule for the next couple of weeks, due to a coworker needing time off for medical reasons. So, instead of being off on Thursday and Friday, she's off on Sunday and Monday. So we're going to shop on Mondays until things go back to normal.

And it's weird. We've been shopping on Thursdays for years. So it feels really strange for it to be Thursday, and us not going out. Heck, it makes it feel like it's not Thursday, which is kind of trippy.

Plus, it's also annoying for another reason. One thing I love about shopping on Thursdays is that new releases (of books and movies) generally come out on Tuesdays. Thus, if there's something that I want coming out, I'll be able to buy it that week. But by shopping on a Monday, it means that I have to wait until the following week to get whatever I'm after.

And, of course, there are things that I want at the moment. I'm going to try to pick up Patricia Briggs' new book Hunting Ground and House season 5 on Monday, and then I'm thinking I'll run to Wal-Mart after work on Tuesday and pick up Supernatural season 4. Normally, I'd just wait, but I've not seen SPN season 4, and the new season starts in a week or two. So, I want to make sure I have time to watch all of season 4 before season 5 starts. ^^;;

Then, on top of the shopping thing, my schedule is going to be a bit off for the next couple of weeks, as well. Monday after next is Labor Day, so I'll have to work the Saturday prior. Meaning, I'll work Mon-Sat next week, then get Sun-Mon off. Then I'll work Tues-Fri the following week. Granted, as far as holidays go, it's not bad. I'd rather have a holiday fall on a Monday, so I still get two consecutive days off. Still a bit annoying, though. =P
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That was, without a doubt, the worst weekend I've ever had.

What happened, you ask? )

...Yeah. So glad that's over. I'm just really stressed, and tired, and exhausted right now. I need some time to rest and recuperate, I think.

And I can safely say...I'm glad I live in this day and age. Four days without power just about drove me crazy; I couldn't imagine living in the dark ages. *Shudder*
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...I'm ready for my weekend, now. =P

I swear, I'm tired of this silly schedule that I've been on for this last week. (And will be on for the rest of this week.) Work a couple-three days, get a day off, then repeat as necessary. One day off at a time is not enough. I want to go back to my regular schedule. =( So, in that sense, I'm very eager for the weekend, 'cause next week, all returns to normal.

And it's not just the scheduling that's got me stressed. Hell, I was lucky to even make it in to work today. I was on my way there; just getting onto the highway to leave town, even. Traffic's heavy, so I have to slow up a bit to pull in behind a semi who's in the right-hand lane. So, I merge in behind him, and suddenly I see this semi barreling up behind me...and he's coming in way too fucking fast. I floored it; well, as much as I could, considering that the first semi was right in front of me. (And, as I said, heavy traffic; so I couldn't jump into the other lane.)

Still, the son of a bitch very nearly hit me; he had to swerve half-way off the road to avoid it. Scared the everloving fuck out of me. If he'd have hit me...he could very well have killed me. I'd have gotten squished between the two trucks, and, as I said...SOB was going way too fast (and was carrying a big oversized load, so the damn truck weighed even more than it usually would have) That's a hell of a lot of weight and force we're talking about, y'know? And then, to top it off, the fucker had his license plates covered with the damn yellow 'oversized load!' banners that they hang from those things...so I couldn't even get the plate number. Oh, how I wanted to be able to nail him...

So, yeah. That was fun. Not. I was a mess for the first part of my shift; still freaked out, y'know? Thankfully, work was okay tonight. Not too much going on, or stuff to do. Still, I'm glad to be home.

And today's my birthday, even. (Nice present, huh?) Other than that, though, it's been a fairly good birthday. I got a cake (which I need to start eating <3), and I got to see and/or talk to my whole family today. No word from Jason, of course...clearly it's too much to ask that he acknowledge my existance today, of all days. (Who, me? Bitter? Nah...)

*Sigh* Well....I think I'm going to go have some tea, now. Ja~

I Swear...

Jul. 8th, 2008 03:39 am
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...I think that problems at my job only come in one size. And that size is very large. Seriously. We almost never have small, quickly/easily fixed problems. We either have no problems at all, or we have giant, insanely time-consuming problems.

Guess which we had tonight! D=

Cut 'cause this got looooong. )

...So, yeah. I'm tired. Today sucked. (Mondays are eeeeevil~!)


Feb. 6th, 2008 03:27 am
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It's only Tuesday, but it already feels like it's been a long week. =P Can I have my Saturday now?

Blah~! )

Meh...I need to get to bed, but I don't want to. Here's hoping that tomorrow's not stressful. G'night~


Dec. 26th, 2007 03:43 am
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Yes, I live. Lack of posts is due to a combination of my boring life, lack of energy to write anything, and the fact that the few post-worthy things that have happened lately are all painful, so those entries are for my eyes only.


Slight holiday bitchiness )


Okay...going to try to lighten up, now. ^^;;

On a purely materialistic note, I got some cool stuff for Christmas. A game, some books and anime, giftcards for Barnes and Noble (woo, free books~!), a new DVD-RW (I think Dad said it wrote at 20x...my old one's like, 4x. XD) and a digital camera. It's a Nikon, and it's a pretty frosted red color. Mom says it reminds her of a sports car. =D Once I get the hang of using it, maybe I'll post some pics of my kitties. (Yeah. Kat == cat lady. No surprises here. XD)

The family all liked what I got them, so I was happy about that. Now I'll just have to see about Jason...hopefully he'll like his, too.

And since I already knew what it was, Mom let me have my birthday present early. (My birthday's on Sunday) It's a pretty emerald ring, seen here. I don't usually go for 'real' jewelry, but I like this one...and it'll be a nice keepsake; something that I can wear and think of Mom, y'know?

...Yikes. Looks like the time got away from me, here. I need to get to bed. Oyasumi~
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...I was just in my first (kinda-sorta) car accident.

I was driving to work, and the conditions are pretty fucking bad. Snow blowing everywhere, slick roads, the whole nine yards. Plus all the jackasses driving around their headlights off. (There's a special level of hell for them, I think.)

So I'm driving, and suddenly I come up on this semi (with his lights off, natch). So I hit the breaks gently; not slowing fast enough, so I press a little harder. The car promptly begins to fishtail. I try to correct, but to no avail...I end up sliding across the other lane and part-way down the embankment on the side of the highway. Joy.

So, I call Mom to come and get me (and get my car towed). I try calling my boss, so I can tell him I won't be in, but he doesn't answer. Blah. So, Mom and Rich come to get me in the truck, and we start home. When we're coming up on our exit, Mom happens to remember that the tow guys probably can't do anything without someone there (or, more specifically, someone with keys). So, we turn around and go back.

As we're doing this, Dad calls. Rich makes me answer it (jerk that he sometimes is). Dad then proceeds to yell at me 'cause we went off and left my car with no one there. Yeah, 'cause that's totally my fault. Hell, I just grabbed my stuff and got in the truck, and was all "Thanks for the rescue, guys. ;_;" Mom was driving, not me! Plus, I'm already a little shaken up over what happened; I don't need to be yelled at, too. Grr.

So we stop and give the tow guys my keys and finally go home. I called my boss and told him what's up, and he was okay about it. So, now I'm going to go eat some chocolate and crawl into bed.

God, what a day. D=
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...and what a doozy it was.

I was in the most foul mood for a fair part of the day. You know the one. When just about anything will set you off, make you either angry or upset, or whatever. Even though it's totally illogical, stuff just gets to you really easily. I fucking hate moods like that.

I'm feeling a bit better now, thankfully, but I'm not at all sure that it's passed. Meh. I'm going to go to bed now, I think.


Sep. 9th, 2005 08:24 am
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...It's only 8:00, and my day's already in the toilet...literally. =P

I woke up at 7:30 this morning when I heard a really loud thud. So, I climb out of bed and go out into the hall to see what it was. Turns out that Grandma was in the bathroom and she fell. And somehow managed to shatter the back of the toilet in the process. So, the bathroom's flooding while I'm hauling her up and out of there. Rich called Mom and she sent a couple of her firemen/paramedics to come and make sure she was okay. Also called Dad, 'cause we had no idea how to turn the water off, to halt the flooding of the bathroom.

The paramedics showed up quickly and determined that, surprisingly enough, she was fine. Didn't seem to be hurt, though we know she'll be sore for a while. They also shut the water off for us, luckily. Mom and Dad got home a few moments after that. Since then, we've been trying to clean up the bathroom (and get a hold of a plumber to fix things for us) and getting Grandma dry and settled in the living room.

I'm cutting classes today to stay home and watch her, so she doesn't fall again. Mom and Dad are both back at work, and Rich had to go to school, so I volunteered to stay. Now, I'm off to go sit with her...and hope that I manage to stay awake. I'm short about 2 1/2 hours sleep, and I'm very draggy. =P

...God, what a way to start the day. ~_~
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